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April 2021 Films

Ratingmeter of Movies Released at April 2021

Compiled by “”

We have compiled the movies of released at April 2021. In our list of 74 films; The movie The Mitchells vs. The Machines, starring Abbi Jacobson, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Michael Rianda, Eric André, Olivia Colman and Blake Griffin is ranked #1. There are 74 films at our list. According to the ratingmeter, the best 5 movies of the April 2021 are The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Wrath of Man, Shiva Baby, Tina and Mortal Kombat. We share the entire list below. Enjoy the list…

Movies Released at April 2021RatingmeterNetwork
1-The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021)84On Digital & In Theaters
2-Wrath of Man (2021)79In Theaters
3-Shiva Baby (2020)72In Theaters
4-Tina (2021)72HBO MAX
5-Mortal Kombat (2021)69In Theaters & HBO MAX
6-Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)65Prime Video
7-The Disciple (2020)64Netflix
8-Concrete Cowboy (2020)63Netflix
9-Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache (2019)62On Digital
10-Nazha Reborn (2021)61Netflix
11-Stowaway (2021)60Netflix
12-22 vs. Earth (2021)60Disney+
13-Ajeeb Daastaans (2021)59Netflix
14-Night in Paradise (2020)59Netflix
15-Street Gang How We Got to Sesame Street (2021)59On Digital & In Theaters
16-WeWork (2021)58Hulu
17-Things Heard & Seen (2021)57Netflix
18-Major Grom Plague Doctor (2021)57In Theaters
19-Together Together (2021)57On Digital & In Theaters
20-Four Good Days (2020)57In Theaters
21-Justice Society World War II (2021)56On Digital
22-Limbo (2020)55In Theaters
23-Voyagers (2021)54In Theaters
24-Have You Ever Seen Fireflies (2021)54Netflix
25-Monday (2020)54In Theaters
26-Cliff Walkers (2021)54In Theaters
27-The Unholy (2021)52In Theaters
28-Super Me (2019)51In Theaters
29-Irul (2021)50Netflix
30-Thunder Force (2021)48Netflix
31-Why Did You Kill Me (2021)48Netflix
32-Percy Vs Goliath (2020)48On Digital
33-This Little Love of Mine (2021)48TV primiere
34-Ride or Die (2021)47Netflix
35-My True Fairytale (2021)47In Theaters
36-Asia (2020)47In Theaters
37-Hysterical (2021)47FX & FX on Hulu
38-Tiny Tim King for a Day (2020)47In Theaters
39-One Lagos Night (2021)47In Theaters
40-Madame Claude (2021)46Netflix
41-The Toll (2020)45On Digital & In Theaters
42-Jakob’s Wife (2021)45In Theaters
43-Finding You (2021)45In Theaters
44-Dolly Parton A MusiCares Tribute (2021)45Netflix
45-In the Earth (2021)44In Theaters
46-Every Breath You Take (2021)44In Theaters
47-Held (2020)44In Theaters
48-Beast Beast (2020)44On Digital & In Theaters
49-Awaken (2018)44On Digital
50-Bill Traylor Chasing Ghosts (2019)44In Theaters
51-Our Towns (2021)42HBO MAX
52-The Virtuoso (2021)41On Digital & In Theaters
53-Trigger Point (2021)40On Digital & In Theaters
54-Tersanjung The Movie (2021)40Netflix
55-Eat Wheaties! (2021)39In Theaters
56-Get the Grift (2021)38Netflix
57-Just Say Yes (2021)37Netflix
58-Golden Arm (2020)36In Theaters
59-Funny Face (2020)35In Theaters
60-Here Are the Young Men (2020)33On Digital
61-For the Sake of Vicious (2020)33On Digital
62-Dynasty Warriors (2021)32On Digital & In Theaters
63-The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)31In Theaters
64-Bloodthirsty (2020)30In Theaters
65-Reefa (2021)30In Theaters
66-Separation (2021)29In Theaters
67-Roe v. Wade (2021)27On Digital
68-Searching for Sheela (2021)25Netflix
69-We Broke Up (2021)25Netflix
70-Assault on VA-33 (2021)23In Theaters & Apple TV+
71-Vanquish (2021)19On Digital & In Theaters
72-Under the Stadium Lights (2021)18On Digital
73-The Resort (2021)17In Theaters
74-Night of the Sicario (2021)12On Digital & In Theaters

1- The Mitchells vs. the Machines (2021)

The animation film about an everyday family’s struggle to relate while technology rises up around the world! When Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), a creative outsider, is accepted into the film school of her dreams, her plans to meet “her people” at college are upended when her nature-loving dad Rick (Danny McBride) determines the whole family should drive Katie to school together and bond as a family one last time.

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