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Together Together (2021)

Releasing at April 23, 2021 in theaters and May 11 on digital


Together Together is comedy film directed and written by Nikole Beckwith. The film stars Patti Harrison, Ed Helms, Rosalind Chao, Timm Sharp, Bianca Lopez, Nora Dunn and Fred Melamed. It primiered at January 31, 2021 on Sundance Film Festival.

When young loner Anna (Patti Harrison) is hired as the gestational surrogate for Matt (Ed Helms), a single man in his 40s who wants a child, the two strangers come to realize this unexpected relationship will quickly challenge their perceptions of connection, boundaries and the particulars of love.

Director: Nikole Beckwith

Writer: Nikole Beckwith

Stars: Patti Harrison, Ed Helms, Rosalind Chao, Timm Sharp, Bianca Lopez, Nora Dunn, Fred Melamed


Patti HarrisonAnna
Ed HelmsMatt
Rosalind ChaoDr. Andrews
Timm SharpJacob
Bianca LopezLiz
Nora DunnAdele
Fred MelamedMarty
Vivian GilServer
Tig NotaroMadeline
Julio TorresJules
Evan JonigkeitBryce
Sufe BradshawJean
Travis ColesCarl
Jo FirestoneTamara
David ChattamMatt’s Group Moderator
Heidi MéndezAnna’s Group Moderator
Ellen DubinAnna’s Mother (voice)
May CalamawyCarly
Greta TitelmanCharlotte
Tucker SmallwoodCarson
Terri HoyosDana
Ithamar EnriquezAndy
Gail RastorferShelly
Anna KonkleShayleen
Caitlin KimballJackie
Lucy KaminskyIvy
Ayla Rose BarreauBecca
Casey FeighER Doctor
Jennifer ChurchichPatron
Krystle ComerPregnant Yoga Student
Johnathan FernandezZeb
Gregory GarciaDisgusted Customer


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