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X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi |.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics fictional character Wolverine. It is the fourth installment of the X-Men film series, the first installment of the Wolverine trilogy within the series, and a spin-off prequel to X-Men (2000). The film was directed by Gavin Hood, written by David Benioff and Skip Woods, and produced by Hugh Jackman, who stars as the titular character, alongside Liev Schreiber, Danny Huston, Dominic Monaghan, and Ryan Reynolds. The film’s plot details Wolverine’s childhood as James Howlett, his time with Major William Stryker’s Team X, the bonding of Wolverine’s skeleton with the indestructible metal adamantium during the Weapon X program and his relationship with his half-brother Victor Creed.

In 1845, James Howlett, a boy living in Canada, witnesses his father being killed by groundskeeper Thomas Logan. Anxiety activates the boy’s mutation: bone claws protrude from his knuckles and he impales Thomas, who reveals that he is James’ birth father before dying. James flees along with Thomas’ other son Victor Creed, who is James’ half-brother and has a sharp claw-nails and healing factor mutation like James. They spend the next century as soldiers, fighting in the American Civil War, both World Wars and the Vietnam War in 1973.

In Vietnam, the increasingly violent Victor attempts to rape a Vietnamese woman and kills a senior officer who tries to stop him. James returns to Victor upon the commotion, and ignorant of his brother’s intent, he rushes to defend him. This results in the pair being sentenced to execution by firing squad, which they survive due to their mutant healing abilities. Major William Stryker approaches them in military custody and offers them membership in Team X, a group of mutants including expert marksman Agent Zero, katana-wielding Wade Wilson, John Wraith, super-strong and invulnerable Fred Dukes and technopath Chris Bradley. They join the team for a few missions, with James using the alias Logan, but Victor and the group’s lack of empathy for human life causes Logan to leave.

Director: Gavin Hood

Writers: David Benioff (screenplay), Skip Woods (screenplay)

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds,, Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Danny Huston


Hugh JackmanLogan / Wolverine
Liev SchreiberVictor Creed
Danny HustonStryker
Will.i.amJohn Wraith
Lynn CollinsKayla Silverfox
Kevin DurandFred Dukes
Dominic MonaghanChris Bradley / Bolt
Taylor KitschRemy LeBeau
Daniel HenneyAgent Zero
Ryan ReynoldsWade Wilson
Tim PocockScott Summers
Julia BlakeHeather Hudson
Max CullenTravis Hudson
Troye SivanJames
Michael-James OlsenYoung Victor
Peter O’BrienJohn Howlett
Aaron JefferyThomas Logan
Alice ParkinsonElizabeth Howlett
Philip A. PattersonFiring Squad Leader
Anthony GeeCarnival Guy
Adelaide ClemensCarnival Girl
Karl BeattieSchool Child
Tom O’SullivanLogging Supervisor
Myles PollardPhelan
Stephen AndertonMarcuse
Chris SadrinnaVan Mier
Septimus CatonBartender
Matthew DaleSurgeon
Nathin ButlerMale Nurse #1
Peter BarryMale Nurse #2
David RitchieDr. Cornelius
Asher KeddieDr. Carol Frost
Socratis OttoLead Technician – Alkali Lake
Stephen LeederGeneral Munson
James D. DeverPlatoon Leader
Martin ObugaMuttering Man
Rita Afua ConnellNervous African Woman
John ShrimptonStryker Aide
Henry BrowneCurtis
Tahyna MacManusKayla’s Sister / Emma
Daniel NegreanuPoker Player
Alexandra DaviesWoman of the Night
Don BatteeHuge Doorman
Evan SturrockDrunken Man In Alley
Rob FlanaganAmoured Humvee Driver
Hakeem Kae-KazimAfrican Businessman
Alison ArayaTeacher
Eric BrekerSpecial Forces Commander
Eileen BuiVietnamese Child
Adrian G. GriffithsHunter #1 (as Adrian Hughes)
Byron Chief-MoonHunter #2
Mike DopudVietnam Army Officer
Beatrice KingWaitress (as Beatrice Ilg)
Kanako TakegishiWaitress
PanouTank Soldier
Johnson PhanVietnamese Man
Elizabeth ThaiVietnamese Woman
Jade TangMutant Twin #1
Joelle TangMutant Twin #2
Warwick YoungHelicopter Pilot
April Elleston-EnahoroOroro Munroe (scenes deleted)
Scott AdkinsWeapon XI
James CrabtreeMedic
Susan Glaze-HarperPedestrian
Dennis KreuslerSoldier
Andrew MaciverSoldier
Gideon MzembeMutant
Paul PadagasWarden
Chris PolzotMutant
Chaz SmithBourbon Street Reveler
Terry Lee SmithBourbon Street Partier
Derek SteenSoldier
Suzie SteenCarnival Mom
Patrick StewartProfessor Charles Xavier
Ian ThompsonSchool Bus Driver
Elizabeth TranchantPedestrian
Josh Dean WilliamsSoldier

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