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The Experiment (2010)

Coming Out at 12 August 2010 in theaters.

Drama, Thriller

For a handsome $1,000-a-day reward, the unemployed pacifist, Travis, decides to take part in a controversial two-week behavioural experiment that will attempt to simulate life within the prison walls. Now, inside a controlled environment, two hand-picked groups of twenty inmates and six guards must follow a simple set of basic rules, while high-tech cameras monitor the entire makeshift jail.

However, devoid of their civil rights and their identities, the volunteers will soon find themselves dragged into a dangerous and volatile situation, as the sadistic warders begin to take extreme pleasure in enforcing their authority. Under those circumstances, Travis, or the rebellious Prisoner #77, will have to explore his limits. How long can he last?

Director: Paul T. Scheuring

Writers: Paul T. Scheuring, Mario Giordano (novel, film), Christoph Darnstädt (film), Don Bohlinger (film), Oliver Hirschbiegel (film)

Stars: Adrien Brody, Cam Gigandet, Forest Whitaker, Clifton Collins Jr., Ethan Cohn, Fisher Stevens, Travis Fimmel


Adrien BrodyTravis
Forest WhitakerBarris
Cam GigandetChase
Clifton Collins Jr.Nix
Ethan CohnBenjy
Fisher StevensArchaleta
Travis FimmelHelweg
David BannerBosch
Jason LewOscar
Damien LeakeGovenor
Maggie GraceBay
Rod MaioranoRex
Rachel O’MearaFemale Administrator
Jeanne HopsonGertrude
Jack MishlerHenry
Ross Vander WerfInmate #1
Matt HarwellSandberg
Steve MathewsJack
Ronald ChvalaCharon
Mike SmithVeteran
Mat DueyProtester
Meg MerckensWorker
Erin KiernanTV Reporter
William S.E. ColemanCharles
Brandon AdamsonInmate
Jesse BaileyInmate
Chad BoardsenProtester
Mikeal BurginInmate
Ingrid CoreeWaitress
Veronica KnightProtestor
Rory MarkhamGuard
Frank MeeinkInmate
Piet PaulusmaWeatherman hit by car
Mario SciorrottaInmate
Jay VillwockHaggard Man
Kelcey WatsonInmate

Sources: imdb

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