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Snake Eyes (1998)

Crime, Thriller

Snake Eyes is conspiracy thriller film directed and produced by Brian De Palma, featuring his trademark use of long tracking shots and split screens. De Palma co-wrote the story of the film with David Koepp, who wrote the screenplay.

On a dark and stormy night, corrupt, flamboyant Atlantic City police detective Rick Santoro (Nicolas Cage) attends a boxing match at Gilbert Powell’s (John Heard) Atlantic City Arena between heavyweight champion Lincoln Tyler (Stan Shaw) and challenger Jose Pacifico Ruiz. He meets up with his best friend since childhood, Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise), who is a U.S. Navy Commander, working with the Department of Defense to escort Defense Secretary Charles Kirkland (Joel Fabiani) and Powell at the fight after a trip to Norfolk, Virginia…

Director: Brian De Palma

Writers: Brian De Palma, David Koepp

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, John Heard, Carla Gugino, Stan Shaw, Kevin Dunn, Michael Rispoli


Nicolas CageRick Santoro
Gary SiniseCommander Kevin Dunne
John HeardGilbert Powell
Carla GuginoJulia Costello
Stan ShawLincoln Tyler
Kevin DunnLou Logan
Michael RispoliJimmy George
Joel FabianiCharles Kirkland
Luis GuzmánCyrus
David Anthony HigginsNed Campbell
Mike StarrWalt McGahn
Tamara TunieAnthea
Chip ZienMickey Alter
Michaella BasseyTyler’s Party Girl #2
Paul Joseph BernardoCasino Security #1
Jernard BurksTyler’s Bodyguard
Mark CamachoC.J.
Desmond CampbellArena Security
Jean-Paul ChartrandRing Announcer
Chip ChuipkaZietz (Drunk)
Deano ClavetArena Security
Tara Ann CulpLady at Elevator
Kelly DeadmonBlonde Reporter
Frédérick De GrandpréCollege Boy #1
Adam C. FloresJose Pacifico Ruiz
George FourniotisBlue Shirt #3
Christina FultonRoundgirl
Kenneth GleggReferee
Sébastien DelormeCollege Boy #4
Alain GoulemPPV Director
Dean HagopianLatecomer
Jayne HeitmeyerSerena
Eric HozielRabat (Assassin)
Byron JohnsonCollege Boy #2
Guy KeladaBlue Shirt
Sylvain LandryRemote Producer
Cary LawrencePowell’s Aide
Robert NormanFBI Agent
Richard LemireAgent #2
Christopher B. MacCabeCouple #2
Sylvain MasséCop #1
William J. McKeon IIIAnthea’s Cameraman
Patrick McDadeLawyer
Peter McRobbieGordon Pritzker
Christain NapoliMichael Santoro
Lance E. NicholsCop #3
Jason NuzzoCoin Cup Grabber
Patrick ParentDetective
Peter PatrikiosCoin Cup Decoy
Jacynthe RenéCouple #1
Stephen SpreekmeesterCollege Boy #3
Eva TepTyler’s Party Girl #1
John ThaddeusCop #2
Jim WhelanMayor
Brian Anthony WilsonCasino Security #2
Richard ZemanAgent #1
Gerard Max DesilusTyler’s Party Crash Guy
Diedra Arthur-O’ReeBoxing Match Spectator
Karen BelfoSpectator
Antoinette CancelliereCasino Security #4
Tom DetrikSpectator
Michael GriffithBody Guard #1
Dave GroomBoxing Spectator
Luis La TorreSpectator
Jared LabelleStadium crowd member
Guy LetourneauPolice Officer
Ed McKeeverGambler
Alex Nobles
Melissa PalazzoProstitute
Mark PricskettPhotographer
Nigel ScantleburySpectator
Andrew SempleRingside Photographer
Kevin Craig WestCasino Security

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