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School of Rock (2003)

Coming Out at 3 October 2003 in theaters.

Comedy, Music

School of Rock is comedy film directed by Richard Linklater, produced by Scott Rudin, and written by Mike White. The film stars Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, and Miranda Cosgrove. Black plays struggling rock guitarist Dewey Finn, who is kicked out of his band and subsequently disguises himself as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. After witnessing the musical talent of his students, Dewey forms a band of fifth-graders to attempt to win the upcoming Battle of the Bands and pay off his rent.

School of Rock was released on October 3, 2003, by Paramount Pictures, grossing $131 million worldwide on a $35 million budget. The film received positive reviews from critics, with praise for Black’s performance. It was the highest grossing music-themed comedy of all time, until it was overtaken in 2015 by Pitch Perfect 2. A stage musical adaptation opened on Broadway in December 2015, and a television adaptation for Nickelodeon premiered on March 12, 2016.

Rock band No Vacancy performs at a nightclub three weeks before auditioning for a Battle of the Bands competition. Guitarist Dewey Finn creates on-stage antics, including a stage dive that abruptly ends the performance. The next morning, Dewey wakes up in the apartment he lives in with his friend, Ned Schneebly, and Ned’s girlfriend, Patty Di Marco. They inform Dewey that he is overdue on his share of the rent, and that he must make up for it within one week or move out. When Dewey meets No Vacancy at a rehearsal session, he finds out that he has been replaced by another guitarist named Spider. Later, while attempting to sell some of his equipment for rent money, Dewey answers a phone call from Rosalie Mullins, the principal of the Horace Green prep school, inquiring for Ned about a short-term position as a substitute teacher. Desperate for his rent money, Dewey impersonates Ned and gets the position. On his first day at school, “Mr. S” (the name Dewey adopts when realizing he doesn’t know how to spell Schneebly) spends it behaving erratically, much to the class’ confusion.

Director: Richard Linklater

Writer: Mike White

Stars: Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White, Sarah Silverman, Miranda Cosgrove


Jack BlackDewey Finn
Adam PascalTheo
Lucas PapaeliasNeil
Chris StackDoug
Sarah SilvermanPatty Di Marco
Mike WhiteNed Schneebly
Lucas BabinSpider
Joan CusackRosalie Mullins
Jordan-Claire GreenMichelle
Veronica AfflerbachEleni
Miranda CosgroveSummer Hathaway
Joey Gaydos Jr.Zack
Robert TsaiLawrence
Angelo MassagliFrankie
Kevin Alexander ClarkFreddy Jones
Maryam HassanTomika
Caitlin HaleMarta
Cole HawkinsLeonard
Brian FaldutoBilly
James HoseyMarco
Aleisha AllenAlicia
Zachary InfanteGordon
Becca BrownKatie
Jaclyn NeidenthalEmily
Suzzanne DouglasTomika’s Mother
Eron OtcasekMusician
Carlos VelazquezMusician
Kimberly GrigsbyMrs. Sheinkopf
Lee WilkofMr. Green
Kate McGregor-StewartMrs. Lemmons
Wally DunnGym Teacher
Tim HopperZack’s Father
Michael Dominguez-RudolphArt Student
Crash CortezMax
Nicky KattRazor
John HighsmithTony
Heather GoldenhershSheila
Timothy ‘Speed’ LevitchWaiter
Scott GrahamPunk Rock Guy
Sharon WashingtonAlicia’s Mother
Kim BrockingtonLeonard’s Mother
Marty MurphyConcerned Father
Kathleen McNennyFreddy’s Mother
Joanna AdlerSummer’s Mother
Robert LinLawrence’s Father
Barry ShurchinCop
MacIntyre DixonBus Driver
Amy SedarisMrs. Haynish
Mary FortuneTeacher’s Assistant
Mandy SiegfriedFemale Employee
Elle KeyConcert Goer
Carlos J. Da SilvaSecurity Guard
Ian O’MalleyRadio Exec
Chris LineRadio DJ
Kyle MeaneyToby
Lauren AdlerConcert Goer
Myriam BlanckaertWaitress
Kelly Anne BurnsGroupie
Leanne CabreraConcert Goer
Catherine A. CallahanConcert Attendee
Brooke CampbellExtra
Cedric CannonLeonard’s Dad
Mike ClementeCrazed Fan
Anivile DanielConcert Goer
Jane DeNobleBilly’s Mom
Paul EvansExtra
Erin GlassBeatrice
Riley G. Matthews Jr.Blood Brothers MC Biker
Jada MontemaranoStudent
The Mooney SuzukiThemselves
Mateo MorenoConcert Goer
Lian MoyStudent
Karen NazarovGroupie
Ryan O’ConnorNo Vaccancy’s Biggest Fan
Scott RossConcert Goer
Caileigh ScottGirl at Concert
Johnny SullivanGuy in Crowd Who Catches Dewey
Jamie VerganConcert Goer
Joe WachowskiConcert Goer
Frank WhaleyBattle of the Bands Director
Angus Young(archive footage)

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