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Marie Antoinette (2006)

Biography, Drama, History |.

Marie Antoinette is a historical drama film written and directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Kirsten Dunst. It is based on the life of Queen Marie Antoinette in the years leading up to the French Revolution. It won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design. It was released in the United States on October 20, 2006, by Columbia Pictures.

Fourteen-year-old Maria Antonia is the beautiful, charming, and naïve Archduchess of Austria, youngest of Empress Maria-Theresa’s daughters. In 1770, the only one left unmarried among her sisters, she is sent by her mother to marry the Dauphin of France, the future Louis XVI, to seal an alliance between the two rival countries. Marie-Antoinette travels to France, relinquishing all connections with her home country, including her pet pug “Mops”, and meets King Louis XV of France and her future husband, Louis-Auguste. The two arrive at the Palace of Versailles, which was built by the Sun King, Louis XIV. They are married at once and are encouraged to produce an heir to the throne as soon as possible, but the next day it is reported to the king that “nothing happened” on the wedding night.

As time passes, Marie-Antoinette finds life at the court of Versailles stifling. Her husband’s courtiers disdain her as a foreigner and blame her for not producing an heir, although the fault really lies with her husband, for the marriage remains unconsummated for an inordinate amount of time. The French court is rife with gossip, and Marie-Antoinette consistently ruffles feathers by defying its ritualistic formality. Marie-Antoinette also refuses to meet or speak with Jeanne Bécu, Comtesse du Barry, the mistress of Louis XV. Over the years, Maria-Theresa continues to write to her daughter, giving advice on how to impress and seduce the Dauphin.

Director: Sofia Coppola

Writer: Sofia Coppola

Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Judy Davis, Rip Torn, Rose Byrne, Asia Argento, Molly Shannon


Kirsten DunstMarie Antoinette
Jason SchwartzmanLouis XVI
Judy DavisComtesse de Noailles
Rip TornLouis XV
Rose ByrneDuchesse de Polignac
Asia ArgentoComtesse du Barry
Molly ShannonAunt Victoire
Shirley HendersonAunt Sophie
Danny HustonEmperor Joseph II
Marianne FaithfullEmpress Maria Theresa
Mary NighyPrincesse Lamballe
Sebastian ArmestoComte Louis de Provence
Jamie DornanCount Axel Fersen
Aurore ClémentDuchesse de Char
Guillaume GallienneVergennes
James LanceLéonard
Al WeaverComte Charles d’Artois
Tom HardyRaumont
Steve CooganAmbassador Mercy
Clara BrajtmanAustrian Girlfriend #1 (as Clara Brajman)
Mélodie BerenfeldAustrian Girlfriend #2
Jean-Christophe BouvetDuc de Choiseul
Io BottomsLady in Waiting
Céline SalletteLady in Waiting
André OumanskyCardinal de la Roche Aymon
Natasha Fraser-CavassoniComtesse de Cavazzoni
Jean-Paul ScarpittaBaron Scarpitta
Lucien RollandArchbishop (as René Lucien Rolland)
Clémentine PoidatzComtesse de Provence
Camille MicelliGrand Chambellan
Paul FortuneDuc Fortune
Alexia LandeauComtesse de la Londe
Joe SheridanCatty Courtier
Katrine BoormanThe English Duchess
Sarah AdlerComtesse d’Artois
Jean-Marc StehléDoctor Lassonne
Paul JasminBaron Jasmin
Francis LeplayDoctor Delivery Provence
Mathieu AmalricMan at Masked Ball
Carlo BrandtPalace Gardener
Raphaël NealGarden Page
John ArnoldMinister of Finances
Scali DelpeyratDoctor Delivery M-A
Chloé Van BartholdElisabeth
PhoenixPetit Trianon Musicians
Lauriane MascaroMarie Therese – 2 Years
Gaëlle BonaGirl at Petit Trianon
William DohertyCouncilman
Florrie BettsMarie Therese – 6 years
Dominic GouldCount
Jago BettsDauphin – 2 Years
Axel KüngDauphin – 2 Years
Driss Hugo-KalffDauphin – 2 Years
Fabrice ScottKing’s Messenger
Alain DouteyChief Valet
Bo BarrettPage
Joseph MalerbaQueen’s Guard
Laurent CotillardKing’s Minister
Susan GrahamOrphée et Eurydice Soloist (scenes deleted)
Xavier BonastreKing’s Secretary (uncredited)
Hamish BowlesCourtier (uncredited)
Madison ClappYoung girl (uncredited)
Daniel DelfosseRoyal Guard (uncredited)
Sabine GlaserCourt Member (uncredited)
Manon GrossetUne petite fille de la cour (uncredited)
Charles HurezDu Barry’s boy (uncredited)
Philippe HélièsKing’s Aide de Camp (uncredited)
Laurent KoffelFriend of the king / court member (uncredited)
Johann LorillonGarde suisse (uncredited)
Isabelle MontoyaMarie Antoinette’s Bridesmaid (uncredited)
François NoahLeonard’s assistant (uncredited)
Jeanne RaimbaultPetite noblesse woman (uncredited)
Paddy SherlockGarde Suisse (uncredited)
David WalliamsHairdresser (uncredited)

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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