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Reality Z Season 1 will be on Netflix at June 10, 2020.

Comedy, Horror | TV Series (2020– )

The Netflix series Reality Z, which we will accompany the story of the television players who are trapped in the studio during a zombie outbreak, will take us to Rio while sitting on our seats. In the Brazilian series adapted from the British-made Dead Set, people caught in the zombie attack in the studio are stuck here. Unfortunately, the only threat to them is not zombies. In Rio, where chaos and despair prevail, the studio of the reality show in question becomes a haven for those who want to survive. The fun struggle of the characters reveals a story that is definitely worth watching.

The Reality Z series seems to be one of the successful productions in Netflix content in June. For those who are both looking for a bit of fearful and fun production, this Brazilian adaptation will be exactly the kind to fulfill your pleasure.

Creators: Cláudio Torres

Directors: Rodrigo Monte, Cláudio Torres

Writers: Cláudio Torres

Stars: Ravel Andrade, Luellem de Castro, Emílio de Mello, Ana Hartmann


Ravel Andrade
Luellem de Castro
Emílio de Mello
Ana Hartmann
Jesus Luz
Carla Ribas
Sabrina Sato
Guilherme Weber

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