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Doubt (2008)

Releasing at December 12, 2008 in theaters.

Drama, Mystery

Doubt is a American period drama film written and directed by John Patrick Shanley based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning and Tony Award-winning 2004 stage play Doubt: A Parable. The film Primiered at 30 October 2008 on AFI Fest. Produced by Scott Rudin, the film takes place in a Roman Catholic elementary school named for St. Nicholas led by Sister Aloysius. Sister James tells Aloysius that Father Flynn might have too much personal attention with the school’s only black student Donald Miller, thus leading to Aloysius starting a crusade against Flynn. The film also features Viola Davis as Donald Miller’s mother, Mrs. Miller.

In 1964 at a Catholic church in The Bronx, New York, Father Brendan Flynn gives a sermon on the nature of doubt, noting that it, like faith, can be a unifying force. Sister Aloysius, the strict principal of the church’s parish school, becomes concerned when she sees a boy pull away from Flynn in the school courtyard. She instructs her Sisters to be alert to suspicious activity in the school.

Sister James, a young and naive teacher, receives a request for Donald Miller, an altar boy and the school’s only African-American student, to meet Flynn in the rectory. Donald returns to class visibly upset, and James notices the smell of alcohol on his breath. Later, she sees Flynn placing an undershirt in Donald’s locker. She reports her suspicions to Aloysius.

Aloysius and James confront Flynn. Flynn denies wrongdoing, claiming Donald had been caught drinking communion wine and that he called him to dismiss him as an altar boy. James is relieved by Flynn’s explanation, but Aloysius is not convinced.

Director: John Patrick Shanley

Writers: John Patrick Shanley

Stars: Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Alice Drummond, Audrie Neenan, Susan Blommaert


Meryl StreepSister Aloysius Beauvier
Philip Seymour HoffmanFather Brendan Flynn
Amy AdamsSister James
Viola DavisMrs. Miller
Alice DrummondSister Veronica
Audrie NeenanSister Raymond
Susan BlommaertMrs. Carson
Carrie PrestonChristine Hurley
John CostelloeWarren Hurley
Lloyd Clay BrownJimmy Hurley
Joseph FosterDonald Miller
Mike RoukisWilliam London
Haklar DezsoZither Player
Frank ShanleyKevin
Robert RidgellOrganist
Sarah GiovannielloChoir Singer
Katie ShelnitzChoir Singer
Aaron O’NeillChoir Singer
Thomas J. MeehanChoir Singer
Abigail L. DyerChoir Singer
Samantha ChadbourneChoir Singer
Christina Angelina CeloneChoir Singer
Melissa ViezelChoir Singer
Emily SwimmerChoir Singer
Katelyn SnellChoir Singer
Shayne FischmanChoir Singer
Coby D. MoranChoir Singer
Alannah IacovanoGirl in Church
Frank DolceRalph
Paulie LittTommy Conroy
Matthew MarvinRaymond
Bridget Megan ClarkNoreen Horan
Philip PostSister James’ Student
Thomas J. KennedySister James’ Student
Thomas A. VarroneSister James’ Student
Sabrina CostaSister James’ Student
Samantha BuczekSister James’ Student
Gabriella Renne DiMariaSister James’ Student
Ariana SilvestroSister James’ Student
Michele CiagoSister James’ Student
Anna LonczakSister James’ Student
Brandy PanfiliSister James’ Student
Molly ChifferSarah
Lydia JordanAlice
Suzanne HevnerMrs. Kean
Helen StenborgSister Teresa
Tom TonerMonsignor Benedict
Michael PuzzoFather Sherman
Margery BeddowMrs. Shields
Jack O’ConnellMr. McGuinn
Marylouise BurkeMrs. Deakins
Valda SetterfieldParishioner
Gerard AdimandoParishioner
George AloiParishioner
James P. AndersonParishioner
Jackie BrownParishioner
Jonathan CastilloParishioner
Tom CoughlinChurch Goer
Jennifer Lauren DiBellaCongregation Member
Seth DonavanChurch Patron
Amanda FlorianStudent
Brianna Leann FlorianStudent
Tiffany Ashley FlorianStudent
Brian HopsonChurch Patron
Evan LewisParishioner
Bernadette LordsChurch Patron
Jenny PaulParishioner
Robert ShulmanChurch Parishioner
Felicia TassoneChurch Patron
Steph Van VlackChurch Patron

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