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Çukur S03E23 (Season 3 Episode 23) 90th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

Çagatay has a surprise for Selim, he sent pictures of the person he killed in the envelope. He wants to meet face to face. He threatens Selim with his children.

He also called Cumali, threatens him. Cumali attacks to his palace. He is killing some of the guards, but the number of guards is very high. They attach Cumali to the chair and give it a sedative.

They offer both compromises, neither agree.

Yamaç tells his brothers as if he is the ally of Çagatay and wants to destroy him, but his brothers are hesitant because of the threats they have received.

Çagatay prepared the file of Selim’s family. Besides, he is preparing another envelope. He sends this envelope to Akin. Task; To kill or silence journalist “Emir Varol” who has followed hard behind Çagatay and who has just started news of Koçova family. Yamaç is calling out to Çagatay that Çukur bad news are still on TV, and Çagatay says I forgive you, I did not forgive Çukur.

Damla cramps in the stomach in prison. When he says that she is pregnant, the officer in the infirmary flies the news to Çagatay.

Yamaç will perform the task with Mahsun. He tells Selim to take care of Metin, and to make Vartolu speak the children in the warehouse.

Çagatay visits Damla, and when he sees that she does not understand like Cumali, he threatens her with her baby.

Çagatay calls Selim and says he sent the envelope to Akin. Selim is catching up before Akin can fully examine the envelope.

He says he also called Cumali and visited Damla and learned that she was pregnant.

Upon these, Selim and Cumali are going to Çagatay. Their intention is to kill him this time.

Çagatay continues to try to decipher Efsun. He wants to know if he can trust her or have someone behind her.

Karaca continues to texting with Azer.

Yamaç meets Emir, says that he has analyzed the drugs he received from Çukur and that Erdenet is the same as his property. Your father says he hasn’t seen these days, you finish people’s life for money. He says he knows that he came to kill him. Then Yamaç says he wants to take him to the neighborhood, and Emir accepts. He says he will blow his car to Fatih.

Vartolu learns from the youngs in the warehouse that he bought the cocaine from Fahri.

Vartolu prevents Selim and Cumali.

Fatih places explosives in the car, unaware of Yamaç.

He is trying to get to know Sultan Ana and Karaca Nehir closely. They are chatting.

He apologizes to Yamaç Nehir and says he needs time.

Azer is trying to meet Karaca face to face, after 1 day he will wait for her near the house.

Selim tells Metin that he will die slowly, get rid of the bullet, or we are in the coffee, we wait.

Vartolu learns that it was Fatih (ie Çagatay) who gave the job from Fahri.

Cumali talks to Damla on the phone and says that he can spy his family for the baby and her, but then I don’t know if there will be a person named Cumali. Damla’s cramps continue throughout the night.

Cumali says that I will call Çagatay and do whatever you want, you will drop Damla out of prison.

When Yamaç sees bomb remote control at Fatih’s hand, he panics. He tells him to wait because there are children, but Fatih pushes the button and blows the car. Upon this, Yamaç kills Fatih. He takes away Fatih’s corpse to Çagatay’s palace, and says that if you give me a job, you will learn to trust, or I will kill all your men after me.

Cumali enters Çagatay’s palace with a grenade in his pocket. However, something unexpected happens, Damla comes with traces of blood on it and throws the bloody bed sheet into Çagatay and says “get your paying off”. Damla have a miscarriage. Yamaç returns to Çukur and is arrested for being the suspect of Emir Varol murder. by “

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