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The Painted Bird (2019)

Coming Out in theaters at September 12, 2019.

“Nabarvené ptáče”

Drama, War

Based on the acclaimed Jerzy Kosiriski novel, THE PAINTED BIRD is a meticulous 35mm black and white evocation of wild, primitive Eastern Europe at the bloody close of World War I. The film primiered at September 3, 2019 on Venice Film Festival. The film follows the journey of The Boy, entrusted by his persecuted parents to an elderly foster mother. The old woman soon dies and the Boy is on his own, wandering through the countryside, from village to village, farmhouse to farmhouse. As he struggles for survival, The Boy suffers through extraordinary brutality meted out by the ignorant, superstitious peasants and he witnesses the terrifying violence of the efficient, ruthless soldiers, both Russian and German. In a defining scene, one of the peasants shows The Boy the flight of a captive bird, whom the man has painted and then released back into its own flock. The bird is immediately ripped apart because it is different from its fellows.

That lesson reinforces all The Boy already knows and will soon know better: difference is fatal. But there are rare moments of compassion: a German soldier spares The Boy, a priest intervenes on his behalf, and finally The Boy becomes the protégé of a Russian sniper, who is kind to the child, but ruthless with the enemy. And there are signs of love. The Boy is seduced by an older girl, finally re-discovering the comfort of intimacy, only to realize that he has been used. When he is miraculously reunited with his weakened father at the end of the war, The Boy is cold and impenetrable, hardened by his ordeal. Yet we can still glimpse something of the old, sensitive Boy behind the eyes of the new. Perhaps there is hope.

Director: Václav Marhoul

Writers: Jerzy Kosinski (novel), Václav Marhoul (adaptation)

Stars: Petr Kotlár, Nina Sunevic, Alla Sokolova, Stanislav Bilyi, Ostap Dziadek, Zdenek Pecha, Michaela Dolezalová


Petr KotlárJoska
Nina SunevicMarta
Alla SokolovaOlga
Stanislav BilyiVillager
Ostap DziadekPeasant
Zdenek PechaLabourer
Michaela DolezalováMiller’s wife
Udo KierMiller
Lech DyblikLekh
Jitka CvancarováLudmila
Daniel BerounTall adolescent
Marika Sarah ProcházkováWoman #1
Marie StripkovaWoman #2
Milan SimácekHorse owner
Martin NahálkaRed partisan commander
Stellan SkarsgårdHans
Dominik WeberFeldwebel
Petr JenistaWaffen SS soldier
Irena MáchováJewish woman with baby
Josef BedlivyJewish boy
Tomás KrausJewish man
Pavel KrízZealous man
Harvey KeitelPriest
Ondrej MalinaSS Scharfuhrer
Tim KalkhofSS Officer
Jan Monczka2nd Priest
Julian SandsGarbos
Petr KlimesOld man
Julia ValentovaLabina
Alexander Leopold SchankSS Officer
Denisa PfauserováRaped woman
Radim FialaCossack commander
Aleksey KravchenkoGavrila
Alexander MinajevRed army commanding officer
Barry PepperMitka
Petr StachCommission chairman
Andrej PolákDoctor in Orphanage
Jan MedunaAttendant I.
Krystof RímskýAttendant II.
Filip KankovskýStallholder
Petr VanekNikodem
Tereza Martínková
Filip Richtermoc
Eric Srbeny
Jan Pavlicek
Jiri Slavik
Petr Ostrouchov
Ivo Proks
Martin Sanda
Josef Kurka
Jakub R. Spur
Klara Konvalinkova
Karel Dvorák
Zdenek Krupicka
Pavel Rubin
Martin Kotas
Krystof Peterka
Helena Bartova
Robert Barta
Daniela Repova
Vaclav Marhoul Jr.
Lukas Marhoul
Tomas Marhoul
Antonin Sejvl
Lukas Kapko
Petr KozaStand ins for Petr Kotlar
Jakub ChytilStand ins for Petr Kotlar
Stepán HavlínPimp
Antonín MasekYoung Boy
David L. PriceHomeless Man
Claudia VasekováAdditional voices

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