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The First Wave (2021)

Coming Out at November 19, 2021 in theaters


The First Wave is documentary film directed by Matthew Heineman, and produced by Leslie Norville, Jenna Millman and Matthew Heineman. The film primiered at October 7, 2021 on Hamptons International Film Festival.

With exclusive access inside one of New York’s hardest hit hospital systems during the terrifying first four months of the pandemic. Matthew Heineman’s THE FIRST WAVE spotlights the everyday heroes at the epicenter of COVID-19 as they come together to fight one of the greatest threats the world has ever encountered.

Director: Matthew Heineman

Producers: Leslie Norville, Jenna Millman, Matthew Heineman

Executive Producers: Maiken Baird, Carolyn Bernstein, David Fialkow, Alex Gibney, Pagan Danielle Harleman, Ryan Harrington, Joedan Okun, Jeff Skoll, Leah Natasha Thomas, Diane Weyermann

( Cast details on imdb )

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