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Show Me Love (1998)

“Fucking Åmål”.


Show Me Love is romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Lukas Moodysson in his feature-length directorial debut. It stars Rebecka Liljeberg and Alexandra Dahlström as two seemingly disparate teenage girls who begin a tentative romantic relationship.

Teens Elin (Alexandra Dahlström) and Agnes (Rebecca Liljeberg) are schoolmates. Elin is upbeat and popular, while Agnes is morose and friendless. And both girls are very frustrated with life. Elin dreams of fleeing their dull Swedish town. Agnes dreams of Elin. Though Agnes has never acted on her feelings, it’s widely rumored she’s a lesbian. But when Elin kisses Agnes on a cruel dare, it leads to an apology, a growing closeness between the girls and a plan to solve the problems of both.

Director: Lukas Moodysson

Writer: Lukas Moodysson

Stars: Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecka Liljeberg, Erica Carlson, Stefan Hörberg, Josefine Nyberg, Ralph Carlsson, Maria Hedborg


Alexandra DahlströmElin Olsson
Rebecka LiljebergAgnes Ahlberg
Erica CarlsonJessica Olsson
Mathias RustJohan Hulth
Stefan HörbergMarkus
Josefine NybergViktoria
Ralph CarlssonAgnes’ Father Olof
Maria HedborgAgnes’ Mother Karin
Axel WidegrenAgnes’ Little Brother Oskar
Jill UngElin’s Mother Birgitta
Lisa SkagerstamCamilla
Lina SvantessonMalin
Johanna LarssonSara
Elinor JohanssonJenny
Jessica MelkerssonSabina
Bo LyckmanMan in Car
Daniel TeiderJohan’s Little Brother
Nils BjörkmanBengtsson
Per LarsénTeacher #1
Kenneth LarssonTeacher #2
Karl StrandlindIce Hockey Coach
Peter TeiderMarcus’ Friend
Linda MalmqvistSobbing Girl
Christer AlmarExtra
Michael AnderssonExtra
Therése AndreassonExtra
Rialda ArifovicExtra
Sanella ArifovicExtra
Fredrik ArrelidExtra
Vanessa BabotExtra
Joséphine BordiExtra
Sandra BoströmExtra
Betty CarlssonExtra
Alain CarlsteinExtra
Elias ChamounExtra
Maikel ChamounExtra
John Ole Dahl-OlsenExtra
Dlawer DalaweExtra
Mikaela EklundExtra
Elin FranssonExtra
Kim FranssonExtra
Fredrik GunnarssonExtra
Lina GustafssonExtra
Susanna GustafssonExtra
Grazyna GöranssonExtra
Peter HildingssonExtra
Malin HultgrenExtra
Max HylanderExtra
Carolina JohanssonExtra
Niklas JohanssonExtra
Petra JohanssonExtra
Daniel KarlssonExtra
Linda KarlssonExtra
Andreas KvistExtra
Mårten LauvallExtra
Jonas LenbergExtra
Josephine LewingExtra
Carl-Johan LextExtra
Jonas LindellExtra
Robert LindqvistExtra
Frida LundbyExtra
Jonas LönnExtra
Anton LöwekExtra
Rebecka MartikainenExtra
Emma MasseyExtra
Andreas MattsonExtra
Daniel MattsonExtra
Modar MohannaExtra
Elisabet NilebäckExtra
Mikael NordmanExtra
Martin NyholmExtra
Petra NymanExtra
Joakim OlofssonExtra
Kalle RosborgExtra
Vlora ShabaniExtra
Martin StoråsenExtra
Johanna StrömExtra
Jonna SundqvistExtra
Patrik StrömExtra
Boyar SylaExtra
Linda SylaExtra
Magnus ThellExtra
Gustav TågneExtra
Sofia WennbergExtra
Tobias AnderssonExtra

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