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Revolutionary Road (2008)

Coming out at January 15, 2009 in theaters.

Drama, Romance

Revolutionary Road is a romantic drama film directed by Sam Mendes. It was written by Justin Haythe and based on the 1961 novel of the same name by Richard Yates. A British-American co-production, it is the second on-screen collaboration among Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, and Kathy Bates, all of whom previously co-starred in Titanic, released in 1997. The film primiered at December 15, 2008 on Los Angeles, California.

The performances of DiCaprio and Winslet earned them a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor โ€“ Motion Picture Drama nomination and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, respectively, and the film was nominated for a further three Golden Globes, four BAFTAs and three Academy Awards, including a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Michael Shannon.

In 1948, Frank Wheeler meets April at a party. He is a longshoreman, hoping to be a cashier; she wants to be an actress. Frank later secures a sales position with Knox Machines, for which his father worked for 20 years, and he and April marry. The Wheelers move to 115 Revolutionary Road in suburban Connecticut when April becomes pregnant.

The couple becomes close friends with their realtor Helen Givings and her husband Howard Givings, and neighbor Milly Campbell and her husband Shep. To their friends, the Wheelers are the perfect couple, but their relationship is troubled. April fails to make a career out of acting, while Frank hates the tedium of his work. On his 30th birthday, Frank invites a secretary at work to have a drink with him at a bar.

Director: Sam Mendes

Writers: Justin Haythe (screenplay), Richard Yates (novel)

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Christopher Fitzgerald, Richard Easton, Kathy Bates, Kathryn Hahn, David Harbour


Kate WinsletApril Wheeler
Leonardo DiCaprioFrank Wheeler
Christopher FitzgeraldParty Guest
Jonathan RoumieParty Guest
Neal BledsoeParty Guest
Marin IrelandParty Guest
Samantha SouleParty Guest
Heidi ArmbrusterParty Guest
Sam RosenParty Guest
Maria RusoloParty Dancer
Gena OppenheimParty Dancer
Kathryn DunnParty Dancer
Joe KomaraParty Dancer (as Joe Kamara)
Allison TwyfordParty Dancer
David HarbourShep Campbell
John OttavinoOther Actor in the Play
Adam MucciOther Actor in the Play
Jo TwissOther Actor in the Play
Frank GirardeauOther Actor in the Play
Catherine CurtinWoman in Audience
Kathy BatesMrs. Givings
Richard EastonMr. Givings
Kathryn HahnMilly Campbell
Zoe KazanMaureen Grube
Dan Da SilvaKnox Elevator Operator
Dylan BakerJack Ordway
Keith ReddinTed Bandy
Ryan SimpkinsJennifer Wheeler
Ty SimpkinsMichael Wheeler
Max CasellaEd Small
Max BakerVince Lathrop
Jon SampsonAmerican Express Clerk
Peter BartonCampbell Kid
Kevin BartonCampbell Kid
Evan CoveyCampbell Kid
Dylan Clark MarshallCampbell Kid
Jay O. SandersBart Pollock
Michael ShannonJohn Givings
Chandler VintonKnox Receptionist
Bethann SchebeceVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Kelsey BairVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Jason EtterVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Adair MoranVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Tommaso AnticoVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Justin MisenhelderVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Will VoughtVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Emaline GreenVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Isabella ZuborVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Kal ThompsonVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Racheline MalteseVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Lauren HubbellVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Duffy JacksonSteve Kovac
Dan ZanesThe Steve Kovac Band
Vince GiordanoThe Steve Kovac Band
Jon-Erik KellsoThe Steve Kovac Band
Andy BurtonThe Steve Kovac Band
Will Reardon-AndersonThe Steve Kovac Band
Alex HoffmanThe Steve Kovac Band
Kristen ConnollyMrs. Brace
John BehlmannMr. Brace
Paul Rocco AmatoTrain Commuter
Toula BuonocoreWoman in Theater Audience
Dan BurkarthOther actor in the play
David CampbellVito’s Log Cabin Bartender
Michael CieslaHusband of Woman in Audience
Peter ConboyDiner Patron
Mary DeBellisBeachgoer
John FarrerTheater goer
David GerePassenger on Train
Josh GrisettiAssistant Stage Manager
Zoe HartmanSchoolgirl
Rob L. HubbardVito’s Bar Patron
Andrew KaempferAlgonquin Hotel Drinker
Amy LaBossiereWoman in theater audience
Mark LangstonSocialite
Cristina MarieVito’s Log Cabin Dancer
Sean MarrinanCommuter
Timothy McCartneyYoung Frank
Chris MiskiewiczParty Guest #13
Joel NeyBeachgoer
Henny RussellAunt Claire
Andrew SeddonBoy in Audience of Play
Vladimir TroitskyCommuter / Businessman
Guy VeryzerMaitre d’ of Essex House Resturant
Ted YudainTownsperson
Jon YvonParty Hipster

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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