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Pink Skies Ahead (2020)

Releasing at May 8, 2021 in theaters

Comedy, Drama

Pink Skies Ahead is drama comedy film directed and written by Kelly Oxford. The film stars Rosa Salazar, Marcia Gay Harden, Michael McKean, Odeya Rush, Jessica Barden, Henry Winkler and Devon Bostick. It primiered at October 18, 2020 on AFI Fest.

Pink Skies Ahead is a coming-of-age film set in Los Angeles in 1998, it follows Winona (Jessica Barden) who, after dropping out of college and moving back home to live with her parents, is diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Director: Kelly Oxford

Writer: Kelly Oxford

Stars: Jessica Barden, Odeya Rush, Alexandra Paul, Marcia Gay Harden, Rosa Salazar, Devon Bostick, Aaron Holliday, Michael McKean


Rosa SalazarAddie
Marcia Gay HardenPamela
Michael McKeanRichard
Odeya RushStephanie
Jessica BardenWinona
Henry WinklerDr. Cotton
Devon BostickGreg
Alexandra PaulClaire
Melora WaltersHayley
Lewis PullmanBen
Mary J. BligeDoctor Monroe
Evan RossCameron
Jessalyn WanlimJoanie
Jesse HeimanKevin
Sea ShimookaJen
Aaron HollidayKillian
Jill BaseyPearl
Jordan Christian HearnBrett
Timothy Davis-ReedMan
Isiah AdamsAndy
Andrew Patrick RalstonWaiter
Lisa LinkeKaren
Leah KnauerChelsea
Antwon D. JonesFrat Guy
William SterlingGuy
Seth ColtanLuke
Richard BlackmonFrank
David SilvaTherapy Patient
Sandra RoskoBar Girl / Raver


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