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Notes for My Son (2020)

Releasing at November 24, 2020 on Netflix.

“El Cuaderno de Tomy”


When María ‘Marie’ Vázquez learns that she has a terminal illness, she decides to face the sad end in her own way: with emotion and a sarcastic humor that characterizes her.

She spends a good part of her time writing a notebook for Tomy, her only 4-year-old son, with the idea that the image of her mother will accompany her throughout her life.

In addition, María recounts her experience through social networks, with her unique style, and her life story becomes very popular. On her way, full of mixed feelings, she is accompanied by her dear husband, Federico, and her group of close friends who are with her in what they call “The Final Party.”

Director: Carlos Sorin

Stars: Mónica Antonópulos, Paola Barrientos, Valeria Bertuccelli, Ana Katz, Ana Pauls, Carla Quevedo, Diego Gentile


Mónica Antonópulos
Paola Barrientos
Valeria Bertuccelli
Mauricio Dayub
Diego Gentile
Ana Katz
Esteban Lamothe
Ana Pauls
Malena Pichot
Carla Quevedo
Diego Reinhold
Romina Ricci
Julian Sorin
Beatriz Spelzini
Catarina Spinetta

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