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Killer Among Us (2021)

Coming Out at April 16, 2021 in theaters and on digital

Horror, Thriller

Killer Among Us is horror thriller film directed by Charlie Scharfman, and written by Charlie Scharfman & Daniel Lichtenberg. The film stars Yasha Jackson, Andrew Richardson, Bruce MacVittie, Imani Lewis, Scott Aiello, Gil Perez-Abraham and Michael Pemberton.

After her 4th of July shift ends, Officer Alisha Parks, an idealistic rookie commonly ostracized by her male peers, witnesses a drug-addicted teenager named Ricki being forced into a car by a strange man. She brings the abduction to her superiors who ignore it as just another situation involving a junkie.  But Alisha persists and investigates off duty, eventually enrolling the department’s best, albeit wearily hardened Detective Corbucci to aid in the case. Together they uncover that this wasn’t a lone incident, and that the suspect they’re after is in fact a disturbingly indoctrinated, methodical serial killer. Alisha and Corbucci must race against time in order to save this otherwise “forgotten” woman before it’s too late.

Director: Charlie Scharfman

Writer: Charlie Scharfman, Daniel Lichtenberg

Stars: Yasha Jackson, Andrew Richardson, Bruce MacVittie, Imani Lewis, Scott Aiello, Gil Perez-Abraham, Michael Pemberton


Yasha JacksonAlisha
Andrew RichardsonVince
Bruce MacVittieSergeant Corbucci
Imani LewisRicki Fennel
Scott AielloDetective Ford
Gil Perez-AbrahamDetective Lean
Michael PembertonCaptain Daniel Sherlby
Juan Carlos DiazJason Gonzales
Angelic ZambranaEvelyn Esperanza
Jasmin RichardsonMarie Fennel
Kate RogalDestiny
Zillah GloryGinger
Stephen W. TennerStan Getz
Kendall LloydBill
Chris StackClint
Crystal De La CruzSofia
Kiarra GoldbergWhitney
Christopher FrkaQuentin
Terence RosemorePatrice
Craig AustinEMT
Dan CliftonTalk Show Host

( Read more cast details on imdb )

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