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Intertwined Season 1 Opening on Disney+ at November 12, 2021


Comedy, Drama, Fantasy / TV-Series (2021)

Allegra dreams of being part of the Eleven O’Clock musical theater company and becoming the star of “Freaky Friday”, a play that consecrated her grandmother years ago. Grandmother Cocó is a living legend in the world of musical comedy and has a complicated relationship with her daughter Caterina, Allegra’s mother.

Allegra’s life is completely altered when she finds a mysterious bracelet in her home that sends her back to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and took her first steps in Eleven O’Clock while living in the shadow of Cocó, a star. at the peak of his career. By learning about her mother and grandmother’s past, Allegra will not only help heal the wounds and bring the family together, but she will also discover that while the past cannot be changed, there is a lot to learn from it.

Directors: Leandro Mark, Nicolás Silbert

Writers: Javier Castro Albano, Jorge Edelstein, Laura Farhi, Claudio Lacelli, Mariela Lebrero, Cecilia Mendonça, Carolina Parmos, Fernanda Riveros, Matías Rodríguez

Stars: Carolina Domenech, José Giménez Zapiola, Elena Roger, Kevsho, Favio Posca, Benjamín Amadeo, Paula Morales, Clara Alonso


Carolina Domenech Allegra
José Giménez Zapiola Marco
Elena Roger Cocó
Kevsho Félix
Favio Posca Mike
Benjamín Amadeo Diego (Adulto)
Paula Morales Greta (Adulta)
Clara Alonso Caterina (Adulta)
Emilia Mernes Sofia
Simon Hempe Alan
Manuela Menéndez Caterina (Adolescente)
Manuel Ramos Diego (Adolescente)
Tatu Glikman Greta (Adolescente)
Berenice Gandullo Bárbara (Adulta)
Abril Suliansky Bárbara (Adolescente)
Lucila Gandolfo Lucía
Rodrigo Pedreira Franco
Franco Piffaretti Dante
Fabio Aste Tomás Diz
Jacob Vigil Alan

( Cast details on imdb )

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