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Import Export (2007)

Coming at November 9, 2007 in theaters.


Import/Export is drama film by the director Ulrich Seidl from 2007. It was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prix – Golden Apricot reward at the Yerevan International Film Festival.

It is winter and people are freezing. It is so in Ukraine. The east looks like the west, the west looks like the east. In this atmosphere, two stories emerge in a way that, at first glance, does not seem to relate them. One story is import: it starts in Ukraine and goes to Austria. The other is export: it starts in Austria and ends in Ukraine. The first introduces Olga, a young nurse and mother. She wants more out of life, she wants to leave the city, to leave the country. She decides to go to Austria.

In that foreign country, she finds work and then loses it. She starts as a housekeeper and ends as a cleaner in a geriatric hospital. The other story is about Paul, a young Austrian. He finally gets a job as a security guard, but gets fired almost immediately. His stepfather takes him to Ukraine to work on the installation of betting machines. Import Export deals with sex and death, living and dying, winners and losers, power and impotence, and it’s about how to professionally clean a stuffed fox’s teeth.

Director: Ulrich Seidl

Writers: Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl

Stars: Ekateryna Rak, Paul Hofmann, Michael Thomas, Natalja Baranova, Natalja Epuraneu, Maria Hofstätter, Georg Friedrich


Ekateryna RakOlga
Lidiya Oleksandrivna SavkaOlgas Mutter
Oksana Ivanivna SklyarenkoOlgas Baby
Dmytro Andriyovich GachkovOlgas Bruder
Natalya BaranovaOlgas Freundin in der Ukraine
Miloslava KubkovaWeb Sex Hausmeisterin
Katka AckermannováWeb Sex Girl
Lucie RadlováWeb Sex Girl
Zdenka TothováWeb Sex Girl
Natalja EpureanuOlgas Freundin in Österreich
Gerhard KomarekPutzfirma Instruktor
Herta WoneschFrau mit ausgestopftem Fuchs
Petra MorzéMutter Einfamilienhaus
Lisa HubbauerTochter Einfamilienhaus
Ronald VolnyAufsicht Reinigungsfrauen Geriatrie
Maria HofstätterSchwester Maria
Georg FriedrichPfleger Andi
Erich FinschesHerr Schlager
Gerhard FuchsAlleinunterhalter Geriatrie
Margarete SchlammPatientin Geriatrie
Sissy NösterPatientin Geriatrie
Katharina RiedingerPatientin Geriatrie
Olga MachoPatientin Geriatrie
Magdalena VorlaufertPatientin Geriatrie
Christine EwalPatientin Geriatrie
Karoline FriedrichPatientin Geriatrie
Herta SezemskyPatientin Geriatrie
Gertrude StrommerPatientin Geriatrie
Hans BuxbaumPatient Geriatrie
Josef HallerPatient Geriatrie
Walter NeukirchPatient Geriatrie
Karl SchandlPatient Geriatrie
Rudolf SchneiderPatient Geriatrie
Nikolaus TscholitschPatient Geriatrie
Alexander KatoPatient Geriatrie
Paul HofmannPaul
Peter LinduskaSecurity Ausbilder
Marco DobianerSecuritytruppe
Serdar CaliskanSecuritytruppe
Thomas NashSecuritytruppe
Harald HuschkaSecuritytruppe
Lukas PrusaSecuritytruppe
Gerald UwiraSecuritytruppe
Michael KomzakSecuritytruppe
Christina YorkPauls Freundin
Michael ThomasPauls Stiefvater
Brigitte KrenPauls Mutter
Ramazan AkpinarTürkenbande
Cemkaan AkbulutTürkenbande
Sinan SaridoganTürkenbande
Akin ÖztürkTürkenbande
Martin FiedlerSchuldner
Alexander SykoraSchuldenentreiber
Dirk StermannJob Coach Arbeitsamt
Miliza JovicFrau am Arbeitsamt
Christofer PucherAutomatenhändler
Marta TotovaFrau im Cafe in der Slowakei
Alexander MrocRoma
Ján HorváthRoma
Dezider HrickoRoma
Jozef BalogRoma
Mária MrocováRoma Girl
Nikola MrocováRoma Girl
DianaMädchen in der Disco
Anastasia SergeyevaProstituierte Hotelzimmer
Johannes NussbaumJohannes


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