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Georgetown (2019)

Coming Out at April 8, 2020 on digital.

Biography, Crime, Drama

Georgetown is biography drama film directed by Christoph Waltz, and written by David Auburn. The film stars Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, Annette Bening, Corey Hawkins, Laura de Carteret, Dan Lett and Amin Bhatia. The film primiered at April 27, 2019 on Tribeca Film Festival.

Ulrich Mott (Christoph Waltz), an eccentric and smooth-talking social climber seems to have everyone in Washington, D.C. wrapped around his finger. But when his wealthy, well-connected and much older wife (Vanessa Redgrave) turns up dead in their home, her daughter Amanda (Annette Bening) suspects Ulrich may not be all that he seems as the police investigation begins to uncover a larger deception that goes far deeper than anyone ever imagined.

Director: Christoph Waltz

Writer: David Auburn

Stars: Christoph Waltz, Vanessa Redgrave, Annette Bening, Corey Hawkins, Laura de Carteret, Dan Lett, Amin Bhatia


Christoph Waltz►Ulrich Mott
Vanessa Redgrave►Elsa Brecht
Annette Bening►Amanda Brecht
Corey Hawkins►Daniel Volker
Laura de Carteret►Eleanor Price
Dan Lett►Robert Pearson
Amin Bhatia►Khatami
Jayne Lewis►Socialite
Lou Jurgens►Younger Socialite
David Reale►Weatherford
Kent Sheridan►U.S. General
Ron Lea►Detective Reid
Michael Miranda►Detective Koteras
Massimo Cannistraro►Catering Worker
Sergio Di Zio►Gordon Nichols
Louisa Martin►Katherine
Greg Ellwand►Party Guest
Nigel Downer►Hotel Employee
Ian D. Clark►Carl Mattingly
Marc Hickox►Officer
Chris Handfield►Detective
Vickie Papavs►Rebecca Durant
Nancy Palk►Judge
Alexander Crowther►Matthew
Paulino Nunes►Prosecutor Kirshner
Ryan Hollyman►Prosecutor Shaw
Jean Pearson►Michel Rocard
Richard Blackburn►Senator Chuck Hagel
Victoria Snow►Peggy Mason
Michael Millar►Robert McNamara
Noah Spitzer►Colin Fry
Saad Siddiqui►Diplomat Zahari
Noam Jenkins►Talabani
Kevin Jubinville►Dekalb
Sweeney MacArthur►State Department Official
Michael Hanrahan►Deputy Defence Secretary
Paul De La Rosa►Coroner
Marie Dame►McNamara’s Assistant
Chris Lightfoot►Soros Deputy
Kyle McWatters►Student
Caroline Palmer►Hotel Clerk
Cassy Jewel►Chopard Boutique Employee
Osamah Qays Al-Himariri►Iraqi Soldier
Charlie Hamilton►Real Estate Agent
Martin Huss►Party Guest
Michael Sercerchi►Server


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