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Exatlon Challenge Season 1 Coming Out at July 3,2020 on Netflix….

Game-Show, Reality-TV, Sport / TV-Series (2020)

Turkish youtuber Orkun Işıtmak said in a live broadcast; “A very nice project will emerge. We wanted to get together with Acun before, but it has been fortune to date. I will go to shoot in Dominican next month for the project. Exatlon Challenge will be different from Survivor, and a total of 18 competitors will stay in the same house. 18 contestants, who will be divided into 9 teams in different teams, will share the same house and a project in the form of Reality Show will emerge. ” he said.

The first promotion of the highly anticipated project of Acun Ilıcalı, Exatlon Challenge, has been published. Here is the first presentation of the captured Exatlon Challenge with youtuber, which will begin airing in Netflix…

Producer: Acun Ilıcalı

Stars: Orkun Isitmak, Oguzhan Ugur, Mendemur Lemur, Hayrettin Karaoguz, Dogan Kabak, Öykü Berkan, Uras Benlioglu, Gözde Demiral


Dilan Ay
Dilara Aydın
Uras Benlioğlu
Öykü Berkan
Gözde Demiral
Barış Erdoğan
Orkun Işıtmak
Doğan Kabak
Yağmur Karabal
Hayrettin Karaoğuz
Furkan Kaya
Buğra Kazancı
Mendemur Lemur
Elanur Pat
Buse Plan
Aleyna Şen
Oğuzhan Uğur
Furkan Yaman

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