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Curse of the Golden Flower (2006)

“Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia”

Action, Adventure, Drama |

Curse of the Golden Flower is a Chinese epic wuxia drama film written and directed by Zhang Yimou. The Mandarin Chinese title of the movie is taken from the last line of the Qi Dynasty poem written by the rebel leader Emperor Huang Chao who was also the Emperor of the Qi Dynasty that was at war against the Later Tang Dynasty.

With a budget of US$45 million, it was at the time of its release the most expensive Chinese film to date, surpassing Chen Kaige’s The Promise. It was chosen as China’s entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for the year 2006, but did not receive the nomination. The film was, however, nominated for Costume Design. In 2007 it received fourteen nominations at the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards and won Best Actress for Gong Li, Best Art Direction, Best Costume and Make Up Design and Best Original Film Song for Chrysanthemum Terrace by Jay Chou.

On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, the Emperor (Chow Yun-fat) and the second of his three sons, Prince Jai (Jay Chou), return from their military campaign to Nanjing so they can celebrate the holiday with their family. However, the Empress has been in an affair with the first son, Crown Prince Wan (Liu Ye), who was born of the Emperor’s previous wife. At the same time, Crown Prince Wan has been in an affair with Jiang Chan (Li Man), daughter of the Imperial Doctor, and is keen on rejecting the throne so that he may run away with her.

Director: Yimou Zhang

Writers: Zhihong Bian (as Zhi-Hong Bian), Yu Cao (play), Nan Wu, Yimou Zhang

Stars: Yun-Fat Chow, Li Gong, Jay Chou, Ye Liu, Dahong Ni, Junjie Qin, Man Li, Jin Chen


Yun-Fat ChowEmperor Ping
Li GongEmpress Phoenix
Jay ChouPrince Jai
Ye LiuCrown Prince Wan
Dahong NiJiang / Imperial Physician
Junjie QinYu / Prince
Man LiJiang Chan
Jin ChenMrs. Jiang
Aaron C. ShangLiang / Prince (as Aaron Shang)
Liam O’BrienPrince Jai (voice)
Yuri LowenthalPrince Yu (voice)
Siran GeMaid
Lisen AiPerformer
Xiaoyi ChenPerformer
Xinhua ChenPerformer
Shusheng CongPerformer
Bai FengPerformer
Dingkong FengPerformer
Yudong GaoPerformer
Dan GePerformer
Chonghui GuoPerformer
Jiulong GuoPerformer
Zonghan HongPerformer
JingKan HouPerformer
Pan HuPerformer
Guangxi HuoPerformer
Lianshi JiaoPerformer
Geng LiPerformer
Jingfei LiPerformer
Junxi LiPerformer
Lu LiPerformer
Ming LiPerformer
Shuang LiPerformer
Sisi LiPerformer
Xuanjie LiPerformer
Yang LiPerformer
Yufei LiPerformer
Daiyeng LingPerformer
Chunyu LiuPerformer
Lianyuan LiuPerformer
Shabai LiuPerformer
Shanshan LiuPerformer
Shaochun LiuPerformer
Wanting LiuPerformer
Weijie LiuPerformer
Xiaohui LiuPerformer
Yang LiuPerformer
Zhengeng LiuPerformer
Yangming MaoPerformer
Honglin ShengPerformer
Chuan ShiPerformer
Renshan ShiPerformer
Aiqin ShuPerformer
Huiru SunPerformer
Menging SunPerformer
Quan SunPerformer
Houli TangPerformer
Ye TianPerformer
Cong WangPerformer
Hongsheng WangPerformer
Jinbo WangPerformer
Langi WangPerformer
Xingye WangPerformer
Sailan XiPerformer
Xiuneng YangPerformer
Zeyu YangPerformer
Tingting YuPerformer
Yali ZengPerformer
Shihan ZhanPerformer
Hua ZhangPerformer
Jiao ZhangPerformer
Jihang ZhangPerformer
Wen ZhangPerformer
Ya ZhangPerformer
Yiaqing ZhangPerformer
Yide ZhangPerformer
Guangyu ZhuPerformer

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