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Çukur S03E20 (Season 3 Episode 20) 87th

Action, Crime, Thriller / TV-Series (2017).

by “

The police raid Çukur and take the criminals to the police station. They are looking for the whole neighborhood. They also take the women of Koçovali’s and Akin.

Çagatay is putting 5 million TL in prize to cathcing or killing Yamaç and wants Fatih to let everyone know. Yamaç intends to leave Vartolu and leave the city, and entrusts Çukur to him. However, someone is constantly trying to kill him. He learns from Vartolu that he has been awarded.

Mahsun is sobering, wandering his mother. Uncle Baytar says to his mother forgive his son, he is shocked when he hears that Mahsun has killed his father.

Being aware of what happened, Cumali is trying to enter Çukur, but the police are everywhere.

Vartolu is coming to take the Yamaç. There is a car that follows them, it shoots. Yamaç is injured when getting out of the car and strangling with the guys.

Azer brings Karaca to the police station and does not allow her to go in so that they do not take him. He does not allow Karaca, who wants him to leave him to his home, because the Koçova family is complicated. The winds of love are blowing. Finally, Azer pour out to her and he kisses Karaca.

Yamaç takes refuge in Efsun. When he gets sober, he asks Efsun why she did not turn him down again, but Efsun does not answer. The result of this interest is starting to make love (Efsun remembering that Nehir says Yamaç closes his eyes while making love with her, but Yamaç does not do the same to Efsun, so Efsun leaves himself).

Celasun meets Çagatay while leaving the police station, says that Çukur will also attack him. And they activate the plan, they draw the symbol on the floor of the car during the car wash. Çagatay pauses when drinking the coffee , sees the Çukur’s symbol on its plate. He wants to be called “Çukur is center of crime” from all people in Istanbul.  He order to Fatih for falling into press about Çukur such as false extortion, drug dealer and murder. He wants to wait for a while, buy the people who are helpless, and turn Çukur into a neighborhood of junkies.

Police also arrested Vartolu.

As a result of pressure from employers, they are all fired. Çagatay increases harassment. The inhabitants of Çukur are in rebellion. Emmi cannot digest what is said and then gets bad.

Seeing the slanders thrown in Çukur on television, Yamaç wants to recover and go to the neighborhood. In the meantime, Çagatay comes to visit Efsun, who refuses his dinner offer because she is sick. Çagatay suspects that she is hiding Yamaç. When Çagatay’s men caught the Yamaç, who escaped from the window of the toilet, Cumali and Selim come and save him. by “

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