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Corpse Bride (2005)

Coming Out at 23 September 2005 in theaters.

“Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride”

Animation, Drama, Family

Corpse Bride is stop-motion animated fantasy film directed by Mike Johnson and Tim Burton with a screenplay by John August, Caroline Thompson and Pamela Pettler based on characters created by Burton and Carlos Grangel. The plot is set in a fictional Victorian era village in England.

Johnny Depp leads the cast as the voice of Victor, while Helena Bonham Carter voices Emily, the titular bride. Corpse Bride is the third stop-motion feature film produced by Burton and the first directed by him (the previous two films, The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach, were directed by Henry Selick). This is also the first stop-motion feature from Burton that was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It was dedicated to executive producer Joe Ranft, who died in a car crash during production.

Victor Van Dort, the son of wealthy fish merchants, and Victoria Everglot, the neglected daughter of impoverished aristocrats, prepare for their arranged marriage, which will simultaneously raise the social class of Victor’s parents and restore the wealth of Victoria’s family. Although both fall in love for each other, the shy Victor ruins their wedding rehearsal by forgetting his vows. Fleeing to a nearby forest in embarrassment, he practices his wedding vows with a tree, and places his wedding ring on a root. However, the root transpires to be the finger of a dead woman named Emily, who rises from the grave as a zombie claiming that she is now Victor’s wife, and spirits him away to the Land of the Dead. During his time with her, Victor learns that Emily was murdered years ago by an unknown perpetrator on the night she secretly eloped with him. Desperate to reunite with Victoria, Victor tricks Emily into wanting to have her meet his parents in the Land of the Living.

Directors: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson

Writers: Tim Burton, Carlos Grangel, John August, Caroline Thompson, Pamela Pettler

Stars: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson, Tracey Ullman, Paul Whitehouse, Joanna Lumley, Albert Finney


Johnny DeppVictor Van Dort (voice)
Helena Bonham CarterCorpse Bride (voice)
Emily WatsonVictoria Everglot (voice)
Tracey UllmanNell Van Dort / Hildegarde (voice)
Paul WhitehouseWilliam Van Dort / Mayhew / Paul The Head Waiter (voice)
Joanna LumleyMaudeline Everglot (voice)
Albert FinneyFinis Everglot (voice)
Richard E. GrantBarkis Bittern (voice)
Christopher LeePastor Galswells (voice)
Michael GoughElder Gutknecht (voice)
Jane HorrocksBlack Widow Spider / Mrs. Plum (voice)
Enn ReitelMaggot / Town Crier (voice)
Deep RoyGeneral Bonesapart (voice)
Danny ElfmanBonejangles (voice)
Stephen BallantyneEmil (voice)
Lisa KaySolemn Village Boy (voice)

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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