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Bronson (2008)

Action, Biography, Crime |

Bronson is a British biographical crime film directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn, who also wrote with Brock Norman Brock. The film stars Tom Hardy as Michael Peterson, known from 1987 as Charles Bronson. The film follows the life of this prisoner, considered Britain’s most violent criminal, who has been responsible for a dozen or so cases of hostage taking while incarcerated. He was given the name Charles Bronson by his fight promoter, for his bare-knuckle fighting years.

Born into a respectable middle-class family, Peterson became known as one of the United Kingdom’s most dangerous prisoners. Because of his violence, Bronson was repeatedly put into isolation or solitary confinement, which may have contributed to his emotional problems.

The film begins with scenes from Peterson’s delinquent early life which he narrates with self-deprecating humour. Initially he addresses the camera dressed in prison garb; other times he tells his tale in a vaudeville-style theatre with a live audience. The film’s story unfolds as a surreal narrative of connected vignettes punctuated by vaudeville interludes.

He recounts episodes of crime and violence leading to his first prison sentence of seven years. At sentencing his mother hopes he will be out in four but his violence in prison extends his sentence beyond seven years. He is sent to a psychiatric hospital where he continues to rebel and is administered drugs which he claims make him physically weak. His first escape attempt is to walk sluggishly toward the exit, where he is waved back to a chair by a staffer.

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

Writers: Brock Norman Brock (screenplay), Nicolas Winding Refn (screenplay)

Stars: Tom Hardy, Kelly Adams, Luing Andrews, Katy Barker, Gordon Brown, Amanda Burton, Andrew Forbes


Tom HardyCharles Bronson / Michael Peterson
Kelly AdamsIrene
Luing AndrewsHysterical Screw
Katy BarkerJulie
Gordon BrownScrew
Amanda BurtonCharlie’s Mum
Mark DevenportNurse 1 (as Mark Davenport)
Paul DonnellyScrew
Andrew ForbesCharlie’s Dad
Jon HouseWebber
Matt KingPaul Daniels
James LancePhil
Holly LucasYoung Man
Juliet OldfieldAlison
Jonny PhillipsPrison Governor
Mark PowleyAndy Love / Friendly Screw
Hugh RossUncle Jack
Andrew St. JohnWorkshop Supervisor
Joe TuckerJohn White
Tracy WilesJewellery Shop Assistant 1
Mark FishFish and Chips Shop Manager
Kairon Scott BusuttilBaby Charlie
Raphael CillaBaby Michael
Sam CullingworthPrison Officer (as Sam Cullingwick)
Adryan PuicellaPrison Officer
D. KeyePrison Officer
Peter D. BrammerPrison Officer
Lee AlveyPrison Officer
James McIntynePrison Officer
Sebastian RodgersPrison Officer
Rob FrostPrison Officer
Wez SmithPrison Officer
J.H. BondPrison Officer
Simon FieldPrison Officer
Peter BarryPrison Officer
Alexander JablonskasPrison Officr
Roger CamdenPrison Officer (as Roger L. Camden)
David ClaytonPrison Officer
Jason WhitebyPrison Officer
Bob BrookesPrison Officer
Anthony OddyPrison Officer
J. KeyePrison Officer
Nick StockPrison Officer / Screw
Alan HefferonPrison Officer
David JacksonPrison Officer
June BladonPrison Officer
Ian KitchPrison Officer
David NixonPrison Officer
Michael GregoryPrison Officer / Screw
Matthew MeakinPrison Officer / Screw
Matthew BennettPrison Officer / Screw
Dean DalyPrison Officer / Screw
Alain GreavesPrison Officer / Screw
Bob GalePrison Officer / Screw
M. ShirraPrison Officer / Screw
Lee BirkettPrison Officer / Screw
Les FitzaklyScrew
Steven SmithScrew
Matt MathewScrew
Christopher SmithScrew
Malcolm ScottenScrew
Phillip SharpeScrew
R. HoolsScrew
Martin KayScrew
Adam BaconScrew
Mark ShiranScrew
Ian KitchenhamScrew
Gary WhitePrisoner / Gangster
Jimmy BallPrisoner
Barry LeePrisoner
Michael NursePrisoner
Kevin RutterOld Con
G.R.L. HorobinOld Con
E.T. HarryHomo Con
Chris ThompsonCon
Matt LeggCon
Lee JablesCon
Shane BarkerCon
Zah SiddallCon
Brendan McCoyCon
Dean SpicksleyCon (as Dean Spinksley)
John JennickCon
Rick WakeCon
Tonylee BrownCon
Andy MoffattCon
Iain HinesShower Con
Adam KarimjeeShower Con
Davey SmithShower Con
Darren PeggShower Con
Philip CathamShower Con
A. HendonsShower Con
J. GainsShower Con
Joe CorrShower Con
Paul BaguleyShower Con
M. ConnollyShower Con
Graham BishopShower Con
R.F. FlorenceGangster
Lindsay FrayneGangster
Leighton FrayneGangster
Kas SyedGangster

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