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Batwoman Season 2 Opening on The CW Network at January 17, 2021

Action, Adventure, Crime / TV-Series (2019)

In season two of Batwoman, when Ryan Wilder first discovers Kate Kane’s Batsuit, she has no idea how drastically her life is about to change. A sassy, smart lesbian with a difficult past, Ryan sees the suit as her chance to finally be powerful and no longer a victim as she survives in the tough streets of the city. While Ryan goes rogue in the shadows, Gotham grapples with their missing hero, believing Batwoman has fled the city after a public stand-off with Commander Jacob Kane and the Crows. But Kate Kane’s disappearance hits hardest at home where Jacob, Sophie, Luke, Mary, and even Alice each struggle with the devastating news in their own way.

Meanwhile, the False Face Society tightens its grip on Gotham, distributing a perilous new drug known as Snakebite, “Bruce Wayne” finds his way home to wreak havoc, Safiyah surfaces with plans for revenge, and a new set of villains descends on the city. It’s not long before Ryan realizes how much the symbol on the suit means to Gotham, launching her on a personal journey that takes her from fledgling substitute to confident caped crusader, from living in her van with her plant to chasing villains in the Batmobile. Ryan Wilder becomes a very different Batwoman than Kate Kane – her own Batwoman – but with the same understanding of what it means to be a hero.

Creator: Caroline Dries

Directors: Holly Dale, Dermott Downs, Mairzee Almas, James Bamford, Greg Beeman, Michael C. Blundell, Jeffrey G. Hunt, Tara Miele, Sudz Sutherland, Amanda Tapping, Paul Wesley

Writers: Caroline Dries, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Shandy, Natalie Abrams, Ebony Gilbert, Chad Fiveash, Holly Henderson, Nancy Kiu, James Patrick Stoteraux, Don Whitehead, Denise Harkavy

Stars: Javicia Leslie, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Dougray Scott, Marcus Aurelio, Leah Gibson


Camrus Johnson Luke Fox
Rachel Skarsten Alice
Meagan Tandy Sophie Moore
Nicole Kang Mary Hamilton
Dougray Scott Colonel Jacob Kane
Javicia Leslie Ryan Wilder
Marcus Aurelio Security Guard
Leah Gibson Tatiana AKA ‘The Whisper’
Shivaani Ghai Safiyah Sohail
Alex Morf Victor Zsasz
Jaxx Dehr Wonderland Gang member
Michael Oilar Gotham City Citizen
Devin Durbin Gotham Protester 
Russ Panzarella Rally Attendee 
Dalton Weaver Rally Attendee 


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