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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Crime, Drama |.

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is a American crime drama film directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Tom Bower, Jennifer Coolidge, Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner, Val Kilmer, and Brad Dourif.

Though the film’s title and story loosely resembles that of Abel Ferrara’s 1992 film Bad Lieutenant, according to Herzog, it is neither a sequel nor a remake; its only commonality is a corrupt policeman as the central character. Nonetheless, the director of the original Bad Lieutenant film, Abel Ferrara, expressed dismay that the Herzog film was being made. Both Bad Lieutenant films were produced by Edward R. Pressman.

In August 2005, Terence McDonagh is a New Orleans police sergeant. While cleaning out a locker after Hurricane Katrina, he notices that a prisoner may not have been transferred. When he finds the prisoner about to drown, he mocks him before eventually jumping in the water to save him. He is promoted to police lieutenant and given a medal for his work, but has suffered a serious back injury because of the rescue. As a result, he is prescribed Vicodin to manage the pain.

Six months later, McDonagh is now not only addicted to painkillers, but is habitually using several other drugs including cocaine and cannabis. He has convinced a person that works in the police department to bring him drugs sent to the evidence room. His girlfriend Frankie Donnenfeld, a prostitute, also does cocaine and they often share drugs. He has become estranged from his father Pat, a recovering alcoholic, and his alcoholic stepmother, Genevieve. Over the course of the film, he uses his position as an officer to bully people and steal more drugs.

Director: Werner Herzog

Writer: William M. Finkelstein (screenplay)

Stars: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Russell M. Haeuser, Jennifer Coolidge, Val Kilmer, Xzibit, Fairuza Balk


Nicolas CageTerence McDonagh
Eva MendesFrankie Donnenfield
Val KilmerStevie Pruit
XzibitBig Fate (as Alvin ‘Xzibit’ Joiner)
Fairuza BalkHeidi
Shawn HatosyArmand Benoit
Jennifer CoolidgeGenevieve
Tom BowerPat McDonagh
Vondie Curtis-HallCaptain James Brasser
Brad DourifNed Schoenholtz
Denzel WhitakerDaryl
Irma P. HallBinnie Rogers
Shea WhighamJustin
Michael ShannonMundt
Joe NemmersLarry Moy
J.D. EvermoreRick Fitzsimon (as JD Evermore)
Tim BellowG (Gary Jenkins)
Lucius BastonMidget
Lauren SwinneyAntoinette
Nick GomezEvaristo Chavez
William M. FinkelsteinDave Jacobs (as William Finklestein)
Sam MedinaAndy
Lance E. NicholsJeremiah Goodhusband
Tony BentleyHurley
Jeremy Aaron JohnsonYasco
Bernard JohnsonDub (as Bernard Bunchy Johnson)
Matt BorelBernie
Gary GrubbsChief of Police
J. Omar CastroFirst Narcotics Detective
Kerry CahillSecond Narcotics Detective
Noel ArthurRenaldo Hayes
Douglas M. GriffinSergeant
Lauren PenningtonWoman
Dane RhodesBettor
Jedda JonesCivilian Aide
Don YessoClient
Trey BurvantDealer
Robert PavlovichDr. Milburn
Marco St. JohnEugene Gratz
David Joseph MartinezJuan Michel
Danielle Elaine McallisterKim
Kyle ClementsLawrence
Deena BeasleyMaimouna (as Dorinda Deena Beasley)
Deneen TylerPharmacist (as Deneen D. Tyler)
Roger J. TimberSecurity Guard (as Roger Timber)
Joshua Joseph GillumHost (as Joshua Gillum)
Sean BoydLt. Stoyer
Katie ChonacasTina
Brandi GerardYvonne (as Brandi Coleman)
Michael ZimbrichWaiter
Trenton PerezBoy
Stephanie HonoréGirl
Katrell DixonWitness #1
Stephen C. LewisWitness #2 (as Stephen Lewis)
Armando LeducJeff (as Armando L. Leduc)
Jillian BathersonAssistant to D.A.
Joel DavisFirst Announcer (voice)
John WilmotSecond Announcer (voice)
Wilfred AlexanderStore Employee #1
April GordonStore Employee #2
Chris AngerdinaPolice Officer
Michael ArnonaPolice Captain
Dewayne BatemanCSI / Forensic
Joseph CintronPolice Officer
Thomas C. DanielA ‘John’
Sean Shyboy DavisCop #1
Antonio EcheverriaStreet Guy
Geraldine GlennFamily Member
Russell M. HaeuserA ‘John’
Victor Eli HugoPolice Officer
Topher JonesUndercover Detective
Ted JordanDetective
Rose LamarcheAccident Victim
Raymond LapinoPatient in Wheelcar
Tony LawsonBus Patron
Cynthia LeBlancBanquet Guest
Elton LeBlancBanquet Guest
Jessica LuebeClub Patron
Brandy MoonDuffy’s Wife
Lorin MoorePromotion Reporter
Jay OliverCasino Gambler
Kim OrmistonEnticing Prostitute
Misty OrmistonEnticing Prostitute
Lyssa PrineNurse
Alex RevanIvers
C. Stuart RomeCSI Agent
Jaime San AndresOfficer Lasseigne
Scott SchlueterUndercover Detective
Chaz SmithStreet Guy
Logan Douglas SmithDetective
Terry Lee SmithFallen Police Officer
Antoine SpillersBus Passenger
Corey StewartBar Patron
Sarah J. ThompsonAward Ceremony Family
Elizabeth TranchantLieutenant’s Wife
Riki VerdinMasked Parader
Daniel VincentPolice Ceremony Attendent
Michael WozniakUndercover Officer

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