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Any Given Sunday (1999)

Coming Out at 22 December 1999 in theaters.

Drama, Spor

Any Given Sunday is sports drama film directed by Oliver Stone depicting a fictional professional American football team. The film features an ensemble cast, including Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Jamie Foxx, James Woods, LL Cool J, Ann-Margret, Lauren Holly, Matthew Modine, John C. McGinley, Charlton Heston, Bill Bellamy, Lela Rochon, Aaron Eckhart, Elizabeth Berkley, Marty Wright, and NFL players Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor. It is partly based on the novel On Any Given Sunday by famed NFL defensive end Pat Toomay; the title is derived from a line in the book (also used in the film) that a team can win or lose on “any given Sunday”, said by the fictitious coach Tony D’Amato.

Cameo roles also featured many former American football players including Dick Butkus, Y. A. Tittle, Pat Toomay, Warren Moon, Johnny Unitas, Ricky Watters, Emmitt Smith and Terrell Owens, as well as coach Barry Switzer.

The Miami Sharks, a once-great American football team, are struggling to make the 2001 Associated Football Franchises of America (AFFA) playoffs. They are coached by thirty-year veteran Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino), who has fallen out of favor with young team owner Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz) and offensive coordinator and D’Amato’s expected successor Nick Crozier (Aaron Eckhart). In the thirteenth game of the season, both starting quarterback Jack “Cap” Rooney (Dennis Quaid) and second-string quarterback Tyler Cherubini (Pat O’Hara) are injured and forced to leave the field. The desperate Sharks call upon third-string quarterback Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) to replace them. Beamen played college ball at the University of Houston. While a nervous Beamen makes a number of errors and fails to win the game for the Sharks, he plays well and gains confidence. Rooney vows to make it back by the playoffs, with D’Amato promising to not give up on him.

Director: Oliver Stone

Writers: Daniel Pyne, John Logan, Oliver Stone

Stars: Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James Woods, Jamie Foxx, LL Cool J, Matthew Modine


Al PacinoTony D’Amato
Cameron DiazChristina Pagniacci
Dennis QuaidJack ‘Cap’ Rooney
James WoodsDr. Harvey Mandrake
Jamie FoxxWillie Beamen
LL Cool JJulian Washington
Matthew ModineDr. Ollie Powers
Jim BrownMontezuma Monroe
Lawrence TaylorLuther ‘Shark’ Lavay
Bill BellamyJimmy Sanderson
Andrew BryniarskiPatrick ‘Madman’ Kelly
Lela RochonVanessa Struthers
Lauren HollyCindy Rooney
Ann-MargretMargaret Pagniacci
Aaron EckhartNick Crozier
Elizabeth BerkleyMandy Murphy
Charlton HestonAFFA Football Commissioner
John C. McGinleyJack Rose
James KarenChristina’s Advisor
Gianni RussoChristina’s Advisor
Duane MartinWillie’s Agent
Clifton DavisMayor Tyrone Smalls
John DanielSuitor in Christina’s Box
Terrell OwensTerrell Owens
Irving FryarIrving Fryar
Joe SchmidtJoe Schmidt
Ricky WattersRicky Watters
Patrick O’HaraTyler Cherubini
Jerry A. SharpMcKenna
Marty WrightBeastman
Mazio RoysterWide Receiver
Todd SmithWide Receiver
Jamie WilliamsTight End
Craig ThomsonTight End
Greg OrvisTight End
Rick JohnsonDallas Quarterback
Bjorn NittmoKicker
Matt MartinezSharks Fullback
Pete OhnegianSharks Center
Brian E. O’NealSharks Linebacker
Robert L. GoffAdditional Player
Joseph UnitasAdditional Player
J.V. GoodmanAdditional Player
Skip McClendonAdditional Player
Derrick LassicAdditional Player
Fred LesterAdditional Player
Eric MillerAdditional Player
Todd Eric YeamanAdditional Player
Clyde ShermanAdditional Player
Connell SpainAdditional Player
Otis MoundsAdditional Player
Matt StormAdditional Player
Michael OsunaAdditional Player
Connell MaynorAdditional Player
Marty HochertzAdditional Player
Robert GordonAdditional Player
Barry WagnerAdditional Player
Richard McKenzieAdditional Player
Sean HamletAdditional Player
Robert GroganAdditional Player
Nyle WirenAdditional Player
Michael Groh IIIAdditional Player
Len JohnsonAdditional Player
Basil ProctorAdditional Player
Mathew KeneleyAdditional Player
Kevin ReidAdditional Player
Tony EguesShark Trainer
Marc ClausShark Trainer
Michelle A. PorachanShark Trainer
Tyler CravensShark Trainer
James A. BachandShark Trainer
Jason RubensteinShark Trainer
Art YoungReferee
William HanlonReferee
Allan GrafReferee
Joseph W. UnderwoodReferee
Timothy F. CrowleyReferee
Steve RaulersonShark Chaplain
Oliver StoneTug Kowalski – TV Announcer #1
Phil LatzmanKevin Branson – TV Announcer #2
Barry SwitzerDallas Announcer
Mark Robert EllisQuarterback Coach
Anthony L. TanziShark Coach
Joseph A. WilsonShark Coach
Maggie BettsMayor’s Aide
Antares DavisMayor’s P.R. Woman
Liz PettersonSociety Lady at Mayor’s Party
Lester SpeightSharks’ Security Guard
Daniel MarinoCap Rooney’s Child
Alexandra L. HellmanCap Rooney’s Child
Hunter WhiteCap Rooney’s Child
Kirsten KruegerPlayer’s Wife
Joanna TheobaldsPlayer’s Wife
Tonya OliverPlayer’s Wife
Amy DorrisPlayer’s Wife
Mary FanaroPlayer’s Wife
Sarah PenmanPlayer’s Wife
Kathy Alzado MurrayPlayer’s Wife
Sacha VoskiPlayer’s Wife
Nikki NovakPlayer’s Wife
Michelle BernardPlayer’s Wife
Lisa Ann PhillipsPlayer’s Wife
Cat StonePlayer’s Wife
Carin AbnathyPlayer’s Wife
Micah WestMadman’s Wife
Christy TummondDr. Mandrake’s Girlfriend
Eva TamargoTunnel Reporter – Game 3
Debbie HowardTunnel Reporter – Game 3
Tucker BrownTunnel Reporter – Game 3
Bob St. ClairOpposing Coach – Game 1
Y.A. TittleOpposing Coach – Game 2
Pat ToomayOpposing Coach – Game 2
Dick ButkusOpposing Coach – Game 3
Warren MoonOpposing Coach – Game 4
Johnny UnitasOpposing Coach – Game 5
Bruce C. HardyDallas Knights Chaplain
Moet MeiraParty Girl
Dawn CrawfordParty Girl
Rhonda AdamsParty Girl
Gwendolyn Osborne-SmithParty Girl
Glynnis LawsonParty Girl
Celia EvansParty Girl
Jessie AlexanderParty Girl
Nichole RobinsonParty Girl
Melissa JayneParty Girl
‘Jaman’ Janet MannsParty Girl
Sarah BredellParty Girl
Andrea HorkaParty Girl
Michelle BeisnerParty Girl
Hermine KraljevicParty Girl
Cleo BaylaParty Girl
Mercy LopezParty Girl
Luna Abdi MohamedParty Girl
Maria E. HerediaParty Girl
Olivia FullertonParty Girl
Jeannie GarciaParty Girl
Biba MbayiParty Girl
Delia SheppardParty Girl
Jaime BergmanParty Girl
Donna PreudhommeParty Girl
Jack G. SpirtosFan
Mauricio de la VidaFan
Sean StoneFan
Michael StoneFan
Tara StoneFan
Frank J. AdlerFan
Doug CowdenFan
Antoni CoroneFan
Drew RosenhausTV Announcer (Willie’s Apartment)
Hunter RenoReporter at Mayor’s Party
Dorothy J. MorrisonWillie’s Mom
Vincent DiFattaBusinessman Fan at Mayor’s Party
Jim GasserBusinessman Fan at Mayor’s Party
Allen ReidelBusinessman Fan at Mayor’s Party
Luciano ArmellinoTony’s Bartender
Myriam Davoisne-BruniFriend in Owner’s Box
Rosa Iveth CortezFriend in Owner’s Box
Melinda RennaFriend in Owner’s Box
Doris CondomFriend in Owner’s Box

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