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Agora (2009)

Adventure, Biography, Drama |.

Agora is a Spanish English-language historical drama film directed by Alejandro Amenábar and written by Amenábar and Mateo Gil. The biopic stars Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, a mathematician, philosopher and astronomer in late 4th-century Roman Egypt, who investigates the flaws of the geocentric Ptolemaic system and the heliocentric model that challenges it. Surrounded by religious turmoil and social unrest, Hypatia struggles to save the knowledge of classical antiquity from destruction. Max Minghella co-stars as Davus, Hypatia’s father’s slave, and Oscar Isaac as Hypatia’s student, and later prefect of Alexandria, Orestes.

In 391 AD, Alexandria is part of the Roman Empire, and Greek philosopher Hypatia is a teacher at the Platonic school, where future leaders are educated. Hypatia is the daughter of Theon, the director of the Musaeum of Alexandria. Hypatia, her father’s slave, Davus, and two of her pupils, Orestes and Synesius, are immersed in the changing political and social landscape. She rejects Orestes’s love as she prefers to devote herself to science. Davus assists Hypatia in her classes and is interested in science. He is also secretly in love with her.

Meanwhile, social unrest begins challenging the Roman rule of the city as Pagans and Christians come into conflict. When the Christians start defiling the statues of the pagan gods and cause one of their priests to burn in a fire, the pagans, including Orestes and Theon, ambush the Christians. However, in the ensuing battle, the pagans unexpectedly find themselves outnumbered by a large Christian mob.

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Writers: Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil

Stars: Rachel Weisz, Max Minghella, Oscar Isaac, Ashraf Barhom, Michael Lonsdale, Rupert Evans, Homayoun Ershadi


Rachel WeiszHypatia
Max MinghellaDavus
Oscar IsaacOrestes
Ashraf BarhomAmmonius
Michael LonsdaleTheon
Rupert EvansSynesius
Homayoun ErshadiAspasius
Sami SamirCyril (as Sammy Samir)
Richard DurdenOlympius
Omar MostafaIsidorus
Manuel CauchiTheophilus
Oshri CohenMedorus
Charles ThakeHesiquius
Harry BorgPrefect Evragius
Yousef ‘Joe’ SweidPeter (as Yousef Sweid)
Clint DyerHierax-Parabolano
Sam CoxPagan Rival
George HarrisHeladius Dignitary
Sylvester MorandDignitary
Paul BarnesDignitary
Amber Rose RevahSidonia
Jordan KiziukHypatia’s Disciple
Francis GhersciHypatia’s Disciple
Jonathan GrimaHypatia’s Disciple
Edward Caruana GaliziaStudent
Chris DingliStudent (as Christopher Dingli)
Stephen BuhagiarParabalano
Joseph CamilleriParabolano
Charles SammutPhilosopher
Michael SciortinoPhilosopher
Joe QuattromaniOld Philosopher
Alan MeadowsRabbi
Peter BorgPagan Priest
Paul PortelliTroublemaker
Robert RicardsRoman Officer (as Rob Ricards)
Alan ParisBodyguard
John MontanaroBodyguard
Malcolm EllulBodyguard
Ray MangionCrier via Canopica
Mary Rose BonelloOld Jewish Woman
André AgiusChild (as Andre Agius)
Frederick TestaChristian
Sean BuhagiarChristian Student
Theresa CeliaChristian Woman
Frank TantiDeacon
Anthony EllulDeacon
Pierre StafraceDeacon
Christopher RaikesFrightened Hellenic Man
Clare AgiusFrightened Hellenic Woman
Mario CamilleriAlarmed Neighbour
Wesley EllulGuard
John MarinelliGuard
Simon CormiInformer (as Simon Curmi)
Peter GaleaRoman Officer
Nikovich SammutRoman Officer
Ronnie GaleaShip’s Captain
David Ellul-MercerSlave (as David Ellul)
Philip MizziSurgeon (as Phillip Mizzi)
Alan AzzopardiSuspicious Jew
Polly MarchWoman with Figs
Joe PaceStallkeeper
John SudaCustomer
Michael TaboneRabbi
Angele GaleaCharition
Malcolm GaleaCharition’s Brother
Paul CeliaIndian King (as Paul Cilia)
Jean-Pierre AgiusClown (as Jean Pierre Agius)
Samuel MontagueCrier (as Sam Montague)
Marieclaire CamilleriJewish Girl
Guilherme de FrancoRoman Officer
Jimmy GrimaHypatia Disciple No.2
Andrew HillsdenPagan Warrior
Jovan PisaniDrunken Indian
Juan SerranoDead Jew
Novica TodorovicParabalano Fighter

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