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Wristcutters: A Love Story (2006)

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy |.

Wristcutters: A Love Story is a American black comedy fantasy road movie written and directed by Goran Dukić and starring Patrick Fugit, Shea Whigham, and Shannyn Sossamon. Its premise is set in a strange afterlife way-station that has been reserved for people who have died by suicide.

It is based on Etgar Keret’s short story “Kneller’s Happy Campers.” A graphic novel version was titled Pizzeria Kamikaze.

The film was originally intended to be shot on super-16 color infrared film, which was produced specially by Kodak. The color-shifts inherent in using this kind of film were thought to enhance the parallel world feel to the action. In the end, it proved to be too time-consuming and the film was shot using normal filmstock manipulated in post-processing.

After Zia (Patrick Fugit) takes his own life, he finds himself in an afterlife limbo much the same as life, but slightly worse. The color is dim, there are no stars, and no one can smile. This strange realm is populated by people who have died by suicide, such as Eugene (Shea Whigham), a Russian musician who lives with his mother, father, and brother – all suicide victims. Together they waste most of their afterlives in bars, until Zia learns from a friend, Brian (Jake Busey), that his ex-girlfriend, Desiree (Leslie Bibb), took her own life shortly after Zia’s death. He and Eugene take to the road to find her in Eugene’s rundown car. Early on, it is revealed that Eugene’s car has two idiosyncrasies, a black hole underneath the passenger seat where items that are dropped disappear forever, and broken headlights that cannot be fixed by even the most adept mechanics. On their trip, they pick up hitchhiker, Mikal, who insists she has arrived by mistake, and is seeking the “people in charge” (a.k.a. the PIC) in order to be sent back.

Director: Goran Dukic

Writers: Goran Dukic, Etgar Keret (novel)

Stars: Patrick Fugit, Shea Whigham, Tom Waits, Shannyn Sossamon, Goran Dukic, Leslie Bibb, Will Arnett


Will ArnettMessiah
Abraham BenrubiErik
Leslie BibbDesiree
Mark Boone JuniorMike (as Mark Boone Jr.)
Cameron BowenKostya
Clayne CrawfordJim
Chase EllisonKid Kostya
Patrick FugitZia
Adam GiffordGas Station Attendant (as Adam G.)
Mary Pat GleasonEugene’s Mother
John HawkesYan
Mikal P. LazarevNanuk
Aaron Parker MouserMax (as Aaron Mouser)
Nick OffermanCop
Anatol RezmeritzaEugene’s Father
Sarah RoemerRachel
Amy SeimetzNina (as Amy Siemetz)
Azura SkyeTania
Shannyn SossamonMikal
Tom WaitsKneller
Shea WhighamEugene
Sharone MeirDoctor (as Sharon Meir)
Jonathan AlbertsFuneral Attendant
Michael BrodersenFuneral Attendant (as Mike Brodersen)
John BrookbankFuneral Attendant
Chris CoenFuneral Attendant
Erica NicotraFuneral Attendant
Alexis SpraicFuneral Attendant
Anthony AziziHassan
Azazel JacobsKamakaze Pizza Patron
David BaumEugene’s Band
Nicki NevlinEugene’s Band
Emily YanezEugene’s Band
Alicia WarringtonEugene’s Band
Rob HallEugene’s Band
James FraijoMan in White (as James Fraigo)
Reedy GibbsMax’s Teacher
Nils Allen StewartMessiah Bodyguard (as Nils Stewart)
Brian DavidMessiah Double
Jakub DolezalMessiah Double (as Jacob Dolezal)
Bonnie AaronsMessiah Worshipper
Goran DukicPeople in Charge (P.I.C.) (as Zoran Dukic)
Ernst GossnerPeople in Charge (P.I.C.)
Chris HanleyPeople in Charge (P.I.C.)
Ava MetzPeople in Charge (P.I.C.)
Wilbur SchwartzPeople in Charge (P.I.C.) (as Dr. Wilbur Schwartz)
GregorioPizza Delivery Guy (as Zia Harris)
Marlon MarkSoldier
Peter WulffSoldier
Irwin KeyesStiff Drinks Bartender
Bridget PowersStripper (as Bridget Powerz)
Rachel StolteStripper
Jonathan SchwartzTrain Conductor
Shay Morgan BrookTrain Passenger
George Weiss VandoTranvestite
Vicky ReinegerVicky
Mark FredrichsZia’s Father (as Mark Frederichs)
Julia SanfordZia’s Mother (as Julie Sanford)
FoxieFreddy the Dog
Lonnie BeardBartender (uncredited)
Jake BuseyBrian (uncredited)
Troy DeWaltPeople in Charge (P.I.C.) (uncredited)
Mark Edward SmithPoliceman (uncredited)
Eddie SteeplesJosh (uncredited)

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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