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Windstill (2021)

Releasing at November 11, 2021 in theaters


Windstill is drama film directed and written by Nancy Camaldo. The film stars Anselm Bresgott, Giulia Goldammer, Barbara Kroszka and Thomas Schubert Timo Jacobs, Anna Platen and Timocin Ziegler. The film primiered at January 17, 2021 on Max Ophüls Film Festival.

Midsummer and paralyzing heat in Germany: Lara (Giulia Goldammer) takes care of her one-year-old daughter, while her friend Jacob (Thomas Schubert) works as a cook. Everyday life is exhausting and a haze of frustration hangs over the couple. Recognition, whether in a relationship or at work, is lacking. One day Lara leaves the baby with Jacob without a word and breaks out of the routine. She fled to her home country South Tyrol, where her estranged sister Ida (Barbara Krzoska) was helping to maintain her deceased parents’ farm. But Lara’s unexpected appearance tears open old wounds and disturbs the fragile peace. Can the sisters find each other again and rewrite their life plans?

Director: Nancy Camaldo

Writers: Nancy Camaldo

Stars: Anselm Bresgott, Giulia Goldammer, Barbara Kroszka, Thomas Schubert, Timo Jacobs, Anna Platen, Timocin Ziegler


Giulia GoldammerLara
Thomas SchubertJakob
Barbara KrzoskaIda
Anselm BresgottRafael
Timo Jacobs
Anna PlatenMaya
Timocin Ziegler
Katarina Klaffs
Konstantin Rommelfangen
Eva Kuen

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