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Waltz with Bashir (2008)


“Vals Im Bashir”

Documentary, Animation, Biography |

Waltz with Bashir is a Israeli animated war documentary drama film written, produced and directed by Ari Folman. It depicts Folman in search of his lost memories of his experience as a soldier in the 1982 Lebanon War.

This film and $9.99, also released in 2008, are the first Israeli animated feature-length films released theatrically since Alina and Yoram Gross’s Joseph and the Dreamer (1962).

Waltz with Bashir premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival where it entered the competition for the Palme d’Or, and since then has won and been nominated for many additional important awards while receiving wide acclaim from critics and audience alike, which has praised its themes, animation, direction, story and editing.

In 1982, Ari Folman was a 19-year-old IDF infantry soldier. In 2006, he meets with a friend from that period named Boaz, who tells him of the nightmares he’s having connected to his experiences from the Lebanon War. Boaz explains that 26 madly angry dogs, running towards his house through Tel Aviv main streets, destroying everything in their way. Boaz explains that during the war, his role was to shoot the dogs when the unit infiltrated villages at night, so that these dogs will not alarm the village of their arrival, and so the dogs in his dream are the souls of the very dogs he himself has killed. Boaz further explains he was chosen to do his job as he was witnessing a special mental difficulty to shoot people. Folman is surprised to find that he recalls nothing from that period.

Director: Ari Folman

Writer: Ari Folman

Stars: Ari Folman, Ron Ben-Yishai, Ronny Dayag, Ori Savan


Ari FolmanSelf (voice)
Ori SivanSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Ronny DayagSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Shmuel FrenkelSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Zahava SolomonSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Ron Ben-YishaiSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Dror HaraziSelf – Interviewee (voice)
Miki LeonBoaz Rein-Buskila (voice)
Yehezkel LazarovCarmi Cna’an (voice)

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