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The Weasel’s Tale (2019)

Opening at July 12, 2019 in theaters.

“El Cuento de las Comadrejas”

Comedy, Drama

Mara Ordaz (Graciela Borges) is a great lady and ex-movie star. Mara has lived together for years, laughing and sarcasm, with three other colleagues from the golden age, remembering the good times that passed when success was on her side. They are the actor in the twilight of his life Pedro de Córdova (Luis Brandoni), the frustrated screenwriter Martín Saravia (Marcos Mundstock) and the old director Norberto Imbert (Oscar Martínez). They are cynical, cheats, wicked, adorable and are willing to do the impossible to preserve the old mansion where they live, before the arrival of two young men who try to take away everything they have fought for years.

Black comedy directed by the Argentine director Juan José Campanella and which is the adaptation of the film Los Boys from Before Didn’t Use Arsenic (1976), by José Martínez Suárez. The film stars Graciela Borges, Óscar Martínez, Luis Brandoni, Nicolás Francella, the Argentine humorist Marcos Mundstock and the Spanish actress Clara Lago.

Director: Juan José Campanella

Writers: Juan José Campanella, Darren Kloomok, Augusto Giustozzi, José A. Martínez Suárez

Stars: Graciela Borges, Oscar Martínez, Luis Brandoni, Marcos Mundstock, Clara Lago, Nicolás Francella, Luz Cipriota


Graciela BorgesMara Ordaz
Oscar MartínezNorberto Imbert
Luis BrandoniPedro De Córdova
Marcos MundstockMartín Saravia
Clara LagoBárbara Otamendi
Nicolás FrancellaFrancisco Gourmand
Luz CipriotaHostess
Maru ZapataRecepcionista
Anwar YomaValet Parking
Manuel Martínez SobradoOmar Ghassan
Ayelén DottiMara Joven
Nicolás FiorePedro Joven
Adriana GaribaldiEstela
Dana Gabriela BassoElvira
Marcela Cristina MoralesMara 2
Alex ScottPedro 2
Gonzalo AbadieNorberto 2
Fabián AbecasisMartín 2
Walter UrquizaDoble de riesgo Pedro
Tatiana Sofía CoppolaDoble de riesgo Mara
Ariel Arredondo Lopez DicksonDoble de riesgo Francisco


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