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The Wave (2008)

“Die Welle”.

Drama, Thriller |

The Wave is a German socio-political thriller film directed by Dennis Gansel and starring Jürgen Vogel, Frederick Lau, Jennifer Ulrich and Max Riemelt in the leads. It is based on Ron Jones’ social experiment The Third Wave and Todd Strasser’s novel, The Wave. The film was produced by Christian Becker for Rat Pack Filmproduktion. It was successful in German cinemas, and after ten weeks, 2.3 million people had watched it.

A school teacher of history, Rainer Wenger, is forced to teach a class on autocracy, despite being an anarchist. When his students, third generation after the Second World War, do not believe that a dictatorship could be established in modern Germany, he starts an experiment to demonstrate how easily the masses can be manipulated. He begins by demanding that all students address him as “Herr Wenger”, as opposed to Rainer, and places students with poor grades beside students with good grades—purportedly so they can learn from one another and become better as a whole. When speaking, they must stand and give short, direct answers.

Wenger shows his students the effect of marching together in the same rhythm, motivating them by suggesting that they could really annoy the anarchy class, which is below them. Wenger suggests a uniform, to remove class distinction and further unite the group. Mona argues it will remove individuality, as well. Karo shows up to class without the uniform and is ostracized. The students decide among themselves they need a name, deciding on The Wave. Karo suggests another name, which ends up with one single vote cast by herself.

Director: Dennis Gansel

Writers: Ron Jones (short story and original protocols), Johnny Dawkins (screenplay “The Wave”), Ron Birnbach (screenplay “The Wave”), Dennis Gansel (writer), Peter Thorwarth (writer)

Stars: Jürgen Vogel, Frederick Lau, Max Riemelt, Jennifer Ulrich, Christiane Paul, Jacob Matschenz, Cristina do Rego


Jürgen VogelRainer Wenger
Frederick LauTim Stoltefuss
Max RiemeltMarco
Jennifer UlrichKaro
Christiane PaulAnke Wenger
Jacob MatschenzDennis
Cristina do RegoLisa
Elyas M’BarekSinan
Maximilian VollmarBomber
Max MauffKevin (as Maximilian Mauff)
Ferdinand Schmidt-ModrowFerdi
Tim Oliver SchultzJens
Amelie KieferMona
Fabian PregerKaschi
Odine JohneMaja
Tino MewesSchädel
Karoline TeskaMiri
Marco Bretscher-CoschignanoDominik
Lennard BertzbachBommel
Thommy SchwimmerMaxwell (as Tommy Schwimmer)
Joseph M’BarekThorben
Jaime FerkicBobby (as Jaime Kristo Ferkic)
Darvin SchmidtLeon
Leander HagenZecke
Lucas HardtKulle
Max RichterFaust (as Maxwell Richter)
Sophie KurzkeFreundin Jens
Liv Lisa FriesLaura
Lena LutzLeyla
Hendrik HollerMarktverkäufer
Ilo GanselMarktverkäuferin
Natascha PaulickVerkäuferin
Maren KroymannDr. Kohlhage
Teresa HarderMutter Karo
Thomas SarbacherVater Karo
Hubert MulzerDieter Wieland
Alexander HeldVater Tim
Johanna GastdorfMutter Tim
Friederike WagnerMutter Marco
Dennis GanselHängengebliebener
Ron JonesCoffee Bar Visitor

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