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The Snoopy Show Season 1 Opening on Apple TV+ at February 5, 2021

Animation, Action, Adventure / TV-Series (2021)

The world’s most extraordinary beagle is back! Celebrating 70 years of Peanuts — The Snoopy Show is coming to Apple TV+ this February.

A spin-off of the beloved 50-year-old classic Peanuts, comes The Snoopy Show, starring our old friend Snoopy and his best bud, Woodstock. Snoopy is a dog like no other. He may seem a happy-dancin’, bone-lovin’, doghouse-sittin’ beagle but he’s much more than that. He’s also Joe Cool, hippest kid in school, an awesome Surfer King and famed arm-wrestler, the Masked Marvel. When he indulges in his fantasies, he can be a World War One Flying Ace battling the Red Baron or an intrepid astronaut landing on the moon. The point is…Snoopy is a beagle with an active imagination full of comic personas. And they’re all on display — both real and fantastic — in a brand-new animated comedy, THE SNOOPY SHOW.

Director: Rob Boutilier

Stars: Terry McGurrin, Johnathan Martin, Ethan Pugiotto, Johnathan Phillp Martin, Isabella Leo, Wyatt White, Hattie Kragten, Isis Moore, Holly Gorski, Rob Tinkler


Terry McGurrin► Snoopy
Johnathan Martin► Charlie Brown
Ethan Pugiotto► Charlie Brown
Johnathan Phillp Martin► Charlie Brown
Isabella Leo► Lucy
Wyatt White► Linus
Hattie Kragten► Sally
Isis Moore► Peppermint Patty
Holly Gorski► Marcie
Rob Tinkler► Woodstock


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