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The Prestige (2006)

Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi |.

The Prestige is a psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and written by Nolan and his brother Jonathan, based on the 1995 novel by Christopher Priest. It follows Robert Angier and Alfred Borden, rival stage magicians in London at the end of the 19th century. Obsessed with creating the best stage illusion, they engage in competitive one-upmanship, with fatal results.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier, Christian Bale as Alfred Borden, and David Bowie as Nikola Tesla. It also stars Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo, Andy Serkis, and Rebecca Hall. The film reunites Nolan with actors Bale and Caine from Batman Begins and returning cinematographer Wally Pfister, production designer Nathan Crowley, and editor Lee Smith.

In 1890s London, Robert Angier and Alfred Borden work as shills for a magician, under the mentorship of John Cutter, an engineer who designs stage magic. During a water tank trick, Angier’s wife Julia fails to escape and drowns. Angier, devastated, accuses Borden of using a riskier knot, causing her death. The two become bitter enemies.

Angier and Borden launch their own magic careers. Borden develops a trick he calls the Transported Man, in which he appears to travel instantly between two wardrobes on opposite ends of the stage. Unable to discern Borden’s method, Angier hires a double, Gerald Root, to perform his own version of the trick. The imitation is a greater success, but Angier is dissatisfied, as he ends the trick hidden under the stage while Root basks in the applause.

Director: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Jonathan Nolan (screenplay), Christopher Nolan (screenplay), Christopher Priest (novel)

Stars: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Piper Perabo, Rebecca Hall, Scarlett Johansson, Samantha Mahurin


Hugh JackmanRobert Angier
Christian BaleAlfred Borden
Michael CaineCutter
Piper PeraboJulia McCullough
Rebecca HallSarah
Scarlett JohanssonOlivia Wenscombe
Samantha MahurinJess
David BowieTesla
Andy SerkisAlley
Daniel DavisJudge
Jim PiddockProsecutor
Christopher NeameDefender
Mark RyanCaptain
Roger ReesOwens
Jamie HarrisSullen Warder
Monty StuartStagecoach Driver
Ron PerkinsHotel Manager
Ricky JayMilton
J. Paul MooreVirgil
Anthony De MarcoBoy (as Anthony DeMarco)
Chao Li ChiChung Ling Soo (as Chao-Li Chi)
Gregory HumphreysPoliceman
John B. CryeVoice
William Morgan SheppardMerrit (as W. Morgan Sheppard)
Sean HowseMan
Julia SanfordElegant Lady (as Julie Sanford)
Ezra BuzzingtonTicket Hawker
James LancasterModerator
Olivia MergJess (Toddler)
Zoe MergJess (Toddler)
Johnny LiskaScalper
Russ FegaMan in Hotel
Kevin WillMan in Hotel
Edward HibbertAckerman
Christopher JudgesBurly Stagehand
James OtisBlind Stagehand 1
Sam MenningBlind Stagehand 2
Brian TahashBlind Stagehand 3
Scott DavisCarriage Driver
Jodi Bianca WiseGlamorous Assistant
Nikki GlickHousekeeper
Enn ReitelWorkman 1
Clive KennedyWarder
Robert W. ArbogastLeonard (as Robert Arbogast)
Chris ClevelandWill
Rock AnthonyUpscale London Boy (uncredited)
Cathy BeasleyTheatre Patron (uncredited)
Basilina ButlerBar Maid (uncredited)
Marty CarrollGuy at Bar (uncredited)
Erin CipollettiDancer (uncredited)
Bud Joseph HebertTheater Patron (uncredited)
Ernest HeinzRudy (uncredited)
Tim PilleriPiano Player 1 (uncredited)
Wendy RosoffDancer (uncredited)
Gary SieversStagehand (uncredited)
Inna SwannHandkerchief Lady (uncredited)
Dawn UpshawSoprano Singer (uncredited)
Deanna WalshWoman on Carriage Bus (uncredited)
Jesse WildeMan in theatre (uncredited)

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