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The Platform Season 2 will be on Netflix at April 1, 2021

Drama / TV-Series (2020)

The tv-series was created and written by Hozan Akko. UAE film production company Film Gate Productions, in collaboration with Al Kalema Productions, has started filming the season two of Arabic series The Platform in the country, according to Gulf News. The filming is taking place across various locations in Abu Dhabi.

The series, comprised of 12 episodes, stars Syrian actor Maxim Khalil as Karam, who is struggling to keep his dysfunctional family from disintegrating. His father (Salloum Haddad) is imprisoned on terrorism charges, and his brother (Samer Ismail) is a survivor of child abuse.

Creator: Hozan Akko

Director: Rodrigo Kirchner

Writer: Hozan Akko

Stars: Maxim Khalil, Khaled Alkeesh, Abdulmohsen Alnemr, Khaled El Sayed, Leen Gherra, Samer Ismail, Mahira Abdelaziz, Yaser Al-Neyadi


Maxim Khalil Karam El Sayed
Khaled Alkeesh Zico
Abdulmohsen Alnemr Nasser
Khaled El Sayed Naji
Leen Gherra Sarah
Samer Ismail Adam
Mahira Abdelaziz Sheikha
Yaser Al-Neyadi Seif
Reham Alkassar Amal
Salloum Haddad Hazem El Sayed
Shadi Al Safadi Adnen
Dean Cain John
Saoud Al Kaabi Fahed
Alaa Al Zuabi Amin
Motasem Al-Nahar Ivan
Ahmad Aljasmi Abu Ali
Yara Qassem Eman
Samar Sami Mom El Sayed
Adham Murched Ramzi 
Sabrina Schimanszky Investigator


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