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The Painted Veil (2006)

Drama, Romance |.

The Painted Veil is a American drama film directed by John Curran. The screenplay by Ron Nyswaner is based on the 1925 novel of the same title by W. Somerset Maugham. Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Toby Jones, Anthony Wong Chau Sang and Liev Schreiber appear in the leading roles.

This is the third film adaptation of the Maugham book, following a 1934 film starring Greta Garbo and Herbert Marshall and a 1957 version called The Seventh Sin with Bill Travers and Eleanor Parker.

On a brief trip back to London, earnest, bookish bacteriologist Walter Fane (Edward Norton) is dazzled by Kitty Garstin (Naomi Watts), a vain London socialite. He proposes; she accepts (“only to get as far away from [her] mother as possible”), and the couple honeymoon in Venice. They travel on to Walter’s medical post in Shanghai, where he is stationed in a government lab studying infectious diseases. They find themselves ill-suited, with Kitty much more interested in parties and the social life of the British expatriates.

Kitty meets Charles Townsend (Liev Schreiber), a married British vice consul, and the two engage in a clandestine affair. When Walter discovers his wife’s infidelity, he seeks to punish her by threatening to divorce her on the grounds of adultery, if she doesn’t accompany him to a small village in a remote area of China.

Director: John Curran

Writers: Ron Nyswaner (screenplay), W. Somerset Maugham (novel)

Stars: Naomi Watts, Edward Norton, Liev Schreiber, Toby Jones, Diana Rigg, Anthony Wong, Juliet Howland


Catherine AnHostess
Bin LiTe-Ming
Bin WuStudent 1
Alan DavidMr. Garstin
Marie-Laure DescoureauxSister St. Joseph
Sally HawkinsMary (scenes deleted)
Juliet HowlandDorothy Townsend
Toby JonesWaddington
Lorraine LaurenceSister Maryse
Gwing-Gai LeeAngry Chinese Man (as Johnny Lee)
Li FengSung Ching
Gesang MeiduoAmah
Edward NortonWalter Fane
Yin QingStudent 2
Ian RenwickGeoffrey Denison (as Ian Rennick)
Diana RiggMother Superior
Liev SchreiberCharlie Townsend
Sihan ChengWarlord Kwei (as Shihan Cheng)
Liang SijieStudent 3
Maggie SteedMrs. Garstin
Henry SylowWalter Junior
Zoe TelfordLeona
Lucy VollerDoris Garstin
Naomi WattsKitty Fane
Anthony Chau-Sang WongColonel Yu (as Anthony Wong)
Yan LüWan Xi
Yu XiaWu Lien
Ma YunStudent 4
Lin ZhengChinese Opera Star
Tian Hua YaoSinging Orphan
Di WuSinging Orphan
Yue Qi LiuSinging Orphan
Zhuo Er LiSinging Orphan
Jia Yi HuSinging Orphan
Yu Tong GuoSinging Orphan
Wei Xin ZhaoSinging Orphan
Xi ChenSinging Orphan
Tong Xuan ShiSinfing Orphan
Yu Xin TangSinging Orphan
Qiao Jia Li GaoSinging Orphan
Yu Yang ChengSinging Orphan
Jia Hui GuoSinging Orphan
Yi Yuan HuangSinging Orphan
Shu Hao XuSinging Orphan
Yue FeiSinging Orphan
Ting Yu MengSinging Orphan
Zhu Yue ChengSinging Orphan
Qiao Ming Fang GaoSinging Orphan
Ya Zuo TanSinging Orphan
John CannBusinessman in Colony Club
Maurice HerschtalBusinessman in Colony Club
Bill MarcusBusinessman in Colony Club
Shobauro HiratsukaBusinessman in Colony Club
Nick BarnesEnglishman (uncredited)
Hélène CardonaFrench Nun (voice) (uncredited)

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