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The Invention of Lying (2009)

Comedy Fantasy Romance

October 2, 2009- In theaters

The movie takes place in a parallel universe where falsehood is nonexistent, and individuals openly express their thoughts and emotions. Mark Bellison, a screenwriter, operates in an industry that is restricted to factual accounts due to the absence of fiction. During an evening, he goes on a date with the stunning and affluent Anna McDoogles. Anna candidly admits to Mark that she is not drawn to him due to his appearance and financial struggles, but is accompanying him as a favor to his closest friend, Greg Kleinschmidt.

Directors: Ricky Gervais, Matthew Robinson

Writers: Ricky Gervais, Matthew Robinson

Stars: Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill, Louis C.K., Jeffrey Tambor, Fionnula Flanagan, Rob Lowe


Ricky GervaisMark Bellison
Jennifer GarnerAnna McDoogles
Jonah HillFrank
Louis C.K.Greg
Jeffrey TamborAnthony
Fionnula FlanaganMartha Bellison
Rob LoweBrad Kessler
Tina FeyShelley
Donna SorbelloAnna’s Mother
Stephanie MarchBlonde
Ruben Santiago-HudsonLandlord
John HodgmanWedding Overseer
Nate CorddryNews Reporter
Jimmi SimpsonBob
Martin StarrWaiter #1
Jason BatemanDoctor
Christopher GuestNathan Goldfrappe
Alton Fitzgerald WhiteAngelo Badsmith
Philip Seymour HoffmanJim the Bartender
Edward NortonCop
Roz RyanNurse #1
Michael Patrick GoughHomeless Man
Arnie BurtonWaiter at Fancy Restaurant
Ashlie AtkinsonBank Teller
Bobby MoynihanAssistant
Shaun WilliamsonRichard Bellison
Stephen MerchantMan at the Door
Cole JensenShort Fat Brian
Conner RayburnSon
Lisa GerberArguing Girlfriend

Source: imdb

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