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The International (2009)

Action, Crime, Drama |

The International is a action thriller film directed by Tom Tykwer and written by Eric Warren Singer. Starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts, the film follows an Interpol agent and an American district attorney who jointly investigate corruption within the IBBC, a fictional merchant bank based in Luxembourg. It serves organized crime and corrupt governments as a banker and as an arms broker. The bank’s ruthless managers assassinate potential threats including their own employees.

Inspired by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal of the 1980s, the film raises concerns about how global finance affects international politics across the world. Production began in Berlin in September 2008, including the construction of a life-size replica of New York’s Guggenheim Museum for the film’s central shootout scene.

Louis Salinger, a British ex-Scotland Yard officer-turned Interpol detective, and Eleanor Whitman, an Assistant District Attorney from Manhattan, are investigating the International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC), which funds activities such as money laundering, terrorism, arms trading, and the destabilization of governments. Salinger’s and Whitman’s investigation takes them from Berlin to Milan, where the IBBC assassinates Umberto Calvini, an arms manufacturer who is an Italian prime ministerial candidate. The bank’s assassin diverts suspicion to a local assassin with political connections, who is promptly killed by a corrupt policeman. Salinger and Whitman get a lead on the second assassin, but the corrupt policeman shows up again and orders them out of the country. At the airport they are able to check the security camera footage for clues on the whereabouts on the bank’s assassin, and follow a suspect to New York City.

Director: Tom Tykwer

Writer: Eric Warren Singer

Stars: Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Ulrich Thomsen, Brían F. O’Byrne, Michel Voletti, Patrick Baladi


Clive OwenLouis Salinger
Naomi WattsEleanor Whitman
Armin Mueller-StahlWilhelm Wexler
Ulrich ThomsenJonas Skarssen
Brían F. O’ByrneThe Consultant
Michel VolettiViktor Haas
Patrick BaladiMartin White
Jay VilliersFrancis Ehames
Fabrice ScottNicolai Yeshinski
Haluk BilginerAhmet Sunay
Luca BarbareschiUmberto Calvini
Alessandro FabriziInspector Alberto Cerutti
Felix SolisDetective Iggy Ornelas
Jack McGeeDetective Bernie Ward
Nilaja SunDetective Gloria Hubbard
Steven RandazzoAl Moody
Tibor FeldmanDr. Isaacson
James RebhornNew York D.A.
Remy AuberjonoisSam Purvitz
Ty JonesEli Cassel
Ian BurfieldThomas Schumer
Peter JordanBerlin Doctor
Axel MilbergKlaus Diemer
Thomas MorrisChief Inspector Reinhard Schmidt
Oliver TrautweinDietmar Berghoff
Luigi Di FioreCarabinieri Captain
Verena SchonlauI.B.B.C. Secretary (White)
Laurent SpielvogelCommissioner Villon
Marita HueberWoman in Knit Cap
Giorgio LupanoMilan Sniper
Loris LoddiCalvini’s Chief of Staff
Natalia Magni1st Speaker / Politico
Dino ContiCafé Barista (as Emilio Dino Conti)
Lucian MsamatiGeneral Charles Motomba
Benjamin WandschneiderCassian Skarssen
Alessandro QuattroMilan Airport Security
Marco GambinoCalvini Lawyer
Matt PatresiCalvini Defense Security Chief
Tristana MooreWorld News Reporter
Naomi KraussI.B.B.C. Secretary (Skarssen)
Franco TrevisiItalian Gentleman
Antonio SantoroLab Technician
Hakan BoyavAttendant / Bodyguard Sunay
Luca CalvaniEnzo Calvini
Gerolamo FancelluMario Calvini
Ben WhishawRene Antall
Sedat MertBodyguard Sunay
Tevfik PolatBodyguard Sunay
Darren PettieElliot Whitman
Mike BraunHitman
Michael BornhütterHitman (as Michael Bornhuetter)
Heiko KiesowHitman
Markus PütterichHitman (as Markus Puetterich)
Ronnie PaulHitman
Gerd GrzesczakHitman
Piet PaesHitman
Sigo HeinischHitman
Georges BigotAndré Clement
Eric Warren SingerCashier
Federico PacificiMan in a Green Fedora
Brad HolbrookTV Reporter
Jon DeVriesNew York Mayor
Chris Henry CoffeyMuseum Visitor
Alex CranmerMuseum Visitor
Robert SalernoLittle Boy Whitman
Nicole ShalhoubWitness
George AloiMuseum Visitor
Anders BramsenGuggenheim Visitor
Logan CrawfordReporter
Joel CrossBus Passenger
ElliRabbi Elli
Resit Berker EnhosFuneral Attendee
Mayil GeorgiHotel lady
Natalie GoldAssistant District Attorney
Takako HaywoodGunshot Victim
Lars JoermannSolicitor
Steven J. KlaszkyMuseum Visitor #3
Amy KwolekSamantha Salinger
Lidia NapoliGirl
Thelma O’LearyAirport Passenger
Izzy PalmieriLittle Girl Whitman
Christa PaschScarcon’s Wife
Raffaello PerfettoTourist
Yusuf PiskinTurkish Guy
Roberta PotrichGirl in the bar
Jihane TamriAirport worker
Paul Darren VarricchioTourist
Nicolas WalierVisitor Guggenheim Museum
Elizabeth WatsonMuriel Rogue
Ricky WatsonGuggenheim Museum Visitor
Yusuke YamasakiGuggenheim Visitor
Alexander YassinGuggenheim Museum Visitor
Özcan ÖzdemirBoy in the bar

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