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The Host (2006)


Action, Drama, Horror |

The Host is a South Korean monster film directed by Bong Joon-ho and starring Song Kang-ho, Byun Hee-bong, Park Hae-il, Bae Doona and Go Ah-sung. The film concerns a monster kidnapping a man’s daughter, and his attempts to rescue her. According to the director, his inspiration came from a local article about a deformed fish with an S-shaped spine caught in the Han River.

Following the success of the director’s work Memories of Murder, The Host was highly anticipated. It was released on a record number of screens in its home country on July 27, 2006. By the end of its run on November 8, 13 million tickets had been sold, making it (at the time) the highest-grossing South Korean film of all time. The film was released on a limited basis in the United States on March 9, 2007, and on DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD formats on July 24, 2007. It won several awards including Best Film at the Asian Film Awards and at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

In 2000, an American military pathologist (Scott Wilson) orders his Korean assistant to dump 200 bottles of formaldehyde down a drain leading into the Han River. Over the next several years, there are sightings of a strange amphibious creature in the waterway, and the fish in the river die off.

In 2006, a slow-witted young man named Park Gang-du (Song Kang-ho) runs a small snack-bar in a park near the river with his father, Hee-bong (Byun Hee-bong). Other family members are Gang-du’s daughter, Hyun-seo (Go Ah-sung); his sister Nam-joo (Bae Doona), a national medalist archer; and his brother, Nam-il (Park Hae-il), an alcoholic college graduate and former political activist.

Director: Bong Joon Ho

Writers: Bong Joon Ho (screenplay), Won-jun Ha (screenplay) (as Jun-won Ha), Chul-hyun Baek (screenplay)

Stars: Kang-ho Song, Hee-Bong Byun, Hae-il Park, Doona Bae, Ko Asung, Dal-su Oh, Jae-eung Lee


Kang-ho SongPark Gang-Doo
Hee-Bong ByunPark Hie-bong (as Byun Hee-bong)
Hae-il ParkPark Nam-il
Doona BaePark Nam-Joo (as Bae Doo-na)
Ko AsungPark Hyun-seo (as Ko A-sung)
Dal-su OhThe Monster (voice)
Jae-eung LeeSe-jin
Dong-ho LeeSe-joo
Je-mun YunHomeless Man
David AnselmoDonald (as David Joseph Anselmo)
Do-bin BaekFumigation truck skinny man
Martin Lord CayceU.S. Senator
Cristen Cho
Dae-Sung ChoiMan from duck boat
Doo-Yeong ChoiMan on blind date
Jae-Sup ChoiDetective agency Subordinate 1
Su-hee GoHostage nurse
Seo-Yoon GongWoman with long hair
Philip HershAdditional Voices (voice)
Hyeong-Ho Jeong4th Mat 3
Ha-Geon JiCamera phone man
In-gi JungIsolation ward doctor
Kang-hee JungMr. Yoon’s employee
Bi-bi KimIsolation ward nurse 1
Choo-wol KimWoman crying
Da-Yeon Kim5th Mat Woman
Hak-seon KimCivilian military Mr. Kim
Hyo-Sun KimQuarantine hospital nurse 2
Jin-Sun KimWoman from couple
Nan-Hee KimWoman from duck boat
Roe-ha KimYellow suit at funeral
Sang-Jo KimOld security guard
Bang-hyeon KwonBride-to-be
Byung-gil KwonDoctor from isolation ward 1
Hyeok-poong KwonFisherman 1
Paul LazarUS Doctor trying to operate Gang-Du
Brian Lee
Dong-yong Lee4th Mat 2
Eung-Jae LeeMan from couple
Hoon-Jin LeeFat man
Jong-Yoon Lee4th Mat 1
Seung-jin LeeGirl’s father
Kyung Jin MinAltar security
Hee-Ra MoonCamera phone woman
Clinton MorganAgent Yellow
Jeong-gi ParkFumigation truck dyed-hir man
Jin-woo ParkIsolation ward constable
Kyeong-Mok ParkGroom-to-be
No-shik ParkInquiry officer
Mi-ran RaWoman stomping her feet
Brian RheeYoung Korean Doctor (as Brian Lee)
Ha-Neul SeoExchanged girl
Seung-Ri ShinDonald’s girlfriend
Hyeon-jong SinMr. Yoon’s friend
Young-Soon SonGrandmother from bus
Jin-ho SongDoctor from isolation ward 2
Kyeong-Ha SongWoman on blind date
Scott WilsonUS Doctor in Morgue
Pil-sung YimFat Guevara (as Pil-Sung Yim)
Seung-mok YooTaxi driver
Je-Moon YoonNam-il’s homeless assistant
Yeon-su YuDistrict officer Mr. Jo

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