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The Hardy Boys Season 1 Releasing on Hulu at December 4, 2020.

Drama, Mystery / TV-Series (2020)

Every town has its secrets. When the Hardy boys, Frank (16) and Joe (12), arrive in Bridgeport, they set out to uncover the truth behind the recent tragedy that has changed their lives, and in doing so, uncover something much more sinister. Something only they can stop.

There’s no shortage of up and coming talent in The Hardy Boys on Hulu. Rohan Campbell, most recently seen in Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop, leads the cast as Frank, the eldest Hardy brother with a nose for sniffing out secrets. His younger brother Joe is played by Alexander Elliot, the more impulsive of the two.

Creator: Jason Stone

Directors: Jason Stone, Melanie Orr, Jeff Renfroe, Casey Walker

Writers: Sabrina Sherif, Jason Stone, Jay Vaidya, Steve Cochrane, Mike Kiss, Laura Seaton, Sandra Chwialkowska, Jennifer Daley

Stars: Alexander Elliot, Rohan Campbell, Jennifer Hsiung, Keana Lyn, Riley O’Donnell, Bea Santos, Adam Swain, Atticus Mitchell, Ric Garcia


Alexander Elliot Joe Hardy / … 13 episodes, 2020
Rohan Campbell Frank Hardy 13 episodes, 2020
Jennifer Hsiung Jesse Hooper 13 episodes, 2020
Keana Lyn Callie Shaw 13 episodes, 2020
Riley O’Donnell Biff Hooper 13 episodes, 2020
Bea Santos Trudy Hardy 13 episodes, 2020
Adam Swain Chet Morton 13 episodes, 2020
Atticus Mitchell J.B. 12 episodes, 2020
Ric Garcia Stefan 11 episodes, 2020
Linda Thorson Gloria Esterbrook 10 episodes, 2020
Cristian Perri Phil Cohen 9 episodes, 2020
Stephen R. Hart Tall Man 8 episodes, 2020
Bill Lake Ezra Collig 8 episodes, 2020
Rachel Drance Stacy Baker 7 episodes, 2020
Saad Siddiqui Rupert Khan 3 episodes, 2020
Sean Patrick Dolan Ern Cullmore 3 episodes, 2020
Janet Porter Laura Hardy 3 episodes, 2020
Mark Sparks Nigel 3 episodes, 2020
Jennifer Vallance Aunt 3 episodes, 2020
Joan Gregson Anya Kowalsky 2 episodes, 2020
Marvin Kaye Sergei Nabokov 2 episodes, 2020
Frank Licari Dean Paul McFarlane 2 episodes, 2020
Alex Armbruster Orderly 1 episode, 2020
Sean Colby Stavros Vasili 1 episode, 2020
Alan Duggan Hard Looking Man 1 episode, 2020
Gabe Grey Tan Likely 1 episode, 2020
Sean James Adams 1 episode, 2020
Ashleigh Jones Officer 1 episode, 2020
André Dae Kim Billy 1 episode, 2020
Jordan Kronis Cory 1 episode, 2020
Charlotte Lai Sandra 1 episode, 2020
Justin Landry Game Master 1 episode, 2020
Katie Messina Ms. Diaz 1 episode, 2020
Tyler Murree Aucoin 1 episode, 2020
Erin Noble Lindy 1 episode, 2020
Tara Paterson Shawna Mayer 1 episode, 2020
Goran Stjepanovic Sailor 1 episode, 2020
Cleopatra Williams Nurse 1 episode, 2020
James Tupper Fenton Hardy unknown episodes
Vincenzo Calvanopasserby in the fairgrounds 1 episode, 2020

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