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The Chaser (2008)


Action, Crime, Thriller |

The Chaser is a South Korean action thriller film starring Kim Yoon-seok and Ha Jung-woo. It was directed by Na Hong-jin in his directorial debut. Inspired by real-life Korean serial killer Yoo Young-chul, the film was shot on location around Mangwon-dong in the Mapo District, Seoul.

Joong-ho is a dishonest ex-detective turned pimp who is in financial trouble because two of his prostitutes have gone missing. One night, he commands Mi-jin to service a customer, despite her protests over her sickness. Joong-ho then realizes this customer was the last to see his missing girls. Believing that this customer is trafficking his women, Joong-ho nevertheless sends Mi-jin in so that she can forward the customer’s address to him. Joong-ho contacts his old police task force for help, but they cannot assist because the mayor of Seoul, whom they were guarding, has been attacked with feces; this results in the police suffering a media firestorm.

The customer, Yeong-min, takes Mi-jin back to a house but Mi-jin fails to contact Joong-ho due to the bathroom having no cell service. Yeong-min binds Mi-jin, but her struggles prevent her murder with a chisel, so Yeong-min hits her with a hammer, knocking her out. Just then, an elderly couple from the local church arrive, inquiring about the real house owner, Mr. Park; they recognize his dog. Yeong-min then invites the elderly couple in and murders them.

Director: Hong-jin Na

Writers: Won-Chan Hong, Shinho Lee, Hong-jin Na

Stars: Yoon-seok Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Yeong-hie Seo, Yoo-Jeong Kim, In-gi Jeong, Hyo-ju Park, Bon-woong Ko


Yoon-seok KimJoong-ho Eom (as Yoon-suk Kim)
Jung-woo HaYoung-min Jee
Yeong-hie SeoMi-jin Kim
Yoo-Jeong KimEun-ji
In-gi JeongDetective Lee
Hyo-ju ParkDetective Oh
Bon-woong KoOh-jot
Duk-je ChoDetective Choi (as Duk-je Jo)
Seong-kwang HaDetective Park
Deok-jae Jo
Jong-goo LeeProfiler
Sang-hee Lee
Yeon-ah OhSung Hee
Moo-yeong YeoPolice commissioner

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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