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The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Coming Out at 3 August 2007 in theaters.

Action, Mystery, Thriller

The Bourne Ultimatum is action-thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass loosely based on the novel of the same name by Robert Ludlum. The screenplay was written by Tony Gilroy, Scott Z. Burns and George Nolfi and based on a screen story of the novel by Gilroy. The Bourne Ultimatum is the third installment in the Jason Bourne film series, being preceded by The Bourne Identity (2002) and The Bourne Supremacy (2004). The fourth film, The Bourne Legacy, was released in August 2012, without the involvement of Damon, and the fifth film (a direct sequel to Ultimatum), Jason Bourne, was released in July 2016.

Matt Damon reprises his role as Ludlum’s signature character, former CIA assassin and psychogenic amnesiac Jason Bourne. In the film, Bourne continues his search for information about his past before he was part of Operation Treadstone and becomes a target of a similar assassin program.

Following his pursuit by Kirill, Jason Bourne eludes Moscow police while wounded through a train station and deals with more flashbacks of when he first joined Operation Treadstone.

Six weeks later, CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy divulges the audiotaped confession of Ward Abbott, the late former head of Treadstone, to Director Ezra Kramer. Meanwhile, in Turin, journalist Simon Ross of The Guardian meets an informant to learn about Bourne and Operation Blackbriar, the program succeeding Treadstone. The CIA tracks Ross as he returns to London, after his mention of “Blackbriar” during a cell phone call to his editor is detected by the ECHELON system. Bourne reappears in Paris to inform Martin Kreutz, the brother of his girlfriend Marie Helena Kreutz, of her assassination in India, also in the previous film.

Director: Paul Greengrass

Writers: Tony Gilroy, Scott Z. Burns, Robert Ludlum (novel), George Nolfi

Stars: Matt Damon, Edgar Ramírez, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, Paddy Considine


Matt DamonJason Bourne
Julia StilesNicky Parsons
David StrathairnNoah Vosen
Scott GlennEzra Kramer
Paddy ConsidineSimon Ross
Edgar RamírezPaz
Albert FinneyDr. Albert Hirsch
Joan AllenPam Landy
Tom GallopTom Cronin
Corey JohnsonWills
Daniel BrühlMartin Kreutz
Joey AnsahDesh
Colin StintonNeal Daniels
Dan FredenburghJimmy
Lucy LiemannLucy
Bryan ReentsTechnician
Arkie ReeceTechnician
John RobersonTechnician
Russ HuardsTechnician
Mark BazeleyBetancourt
Sinead O’KeeffeChamberlain
Charles VennAgent Hammond
Scott AdkinsAgent Kiley
Branko TomovicRussian Policeman
Laurentiu PossaRussian Policeman
Trevor St. JohnTactical Team Leader
Albert JonesTactical Team Agent
Jeffrey Lee GibsonVosen’s Driver
Uriel EmilMorgue Attendant
Omar HernándezNYPD Officer
William H. BurnsNYPD Officer
Michael WildmanCRI Agent
Kai MartinHoody
Michael AhlBusinessman
Alex ArgentiWitness to a Murder
Martin BallantyneCommuter
Arthur BenjaminsSenator
David BostonBusinessman on Street
Glynis BrooksSenator Gillham
Mahmud ChowdhuryTrain Commuter
James CicconeConstruction Worker
Casey CiprianiGirl at Hot Dog Stand
Brian CoxWard Abbott (voice) (archive footage)
Julie EagletonCommuter
Richard El KhazenPolice Officer
Ronald E. GilesCommuter
Michael HennessyCommuter
Ilan KrigsfeldDecoy Bystander
Kirk LambertAttorney
Chris MansfieldCommuter
Bill MassofCRI Agent
Luis MottolaMob
Mark MottramSpecial Agent in Car
Karl OlsenCIA Sub-station Chief
Jose PecinoStation Commuter (uncredited)
Franka PotenteMarie (archive footage)
Walter A. Saunders IIISecurity Guard
James SchramHospital Patient
Tina SimmonsBusinesswomen
Brian SmyjAgent
John SnowdenNews Agent
Albert TangUnderground Passenger
Paul ThorntonPasser-by
Anthony WanzerPolice Officer
John WarmanPoliceman
Chris WilsonCommuter
Simon John WilsonCommuter
Ben YoucefNabile

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