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Test Pattern (2019)

Opening at February 12, 2021 on digital

Drama, Thriller

Test Pattern is drama thriller film directed and written by Shatara Michelle Ford. The film stars Brittany S. Hall, Will Brill, Gail Bean, Drew Fuller, Ben Levin, Amani Starnes and Katy Erin. It primiered August 4, 2019 on Blackstar Film Festival.

The film follows an interracial couple whose relationship is put to the test after a Black woman is sexually assaulted and her white boyfriend drives her from hospital to hospital in search of a rape kit. Their story reveals the systemic injustices and social conditioning women face when navigating sex and consent within the American patriarchy.

Director: Shatara Michelle Ford

Writer: Shatara Michelle Ford

Stars: Brittany S. Hall, Will Brill, Gail Bean, Drew Fuller, Ben Levin, Amani Starnes, Katy Erin


Brittany S. HallRenesha
Will BrillEvan
Gail BeanAmber
Drew FullerMike
Ben LevinChris
Amani StarnesNurse Peg
Caroline BloomFriend
Melissa Jo BaileyAustin Highland Receptionist
Amanda Joy EricksonYoung Nurse
Katy ErinLindsey
Donna Morrell GaffordLucie
Jenna HagelStill Photographer
George Oliver HaleSt. Stefans’ Doctor
Jaron Michael HawkinsPolice
Becki HayesSkylar
Kally KhourshidSt. Stefans’ Nurse
Molly O’LearySt. Stefans’ Older Nurse
Joseph ReneGerry
Kay SalemSt. Stefans’ Receptionist
Ronald WoodheadReece


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