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Still Out of My League (2021)

Coming Out at September 16, 2021 in theaters and December 10, 2021 on Netflix

“Ancora più bello”

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Exactly 12 months have passed and at the very best moment, the story between Marta (Ludovica Francesconi) and Arturo is over. “In love, opposites attract but in the end they break up” repeats Marta, who swears to herself that she wants to be alone for a while and continues to live with optimism with the disease that has always accompanied her. But when Gabriele (Giancarlo Commare) arrives, a young designer who is as sweet and thoughtful as he is funny and insecure, Marta recognizes that he could be the soul mate that she could not find in Arturo. But before you get fully involved in a new story, it’s always best to be done with the previous one. Taking advantage of Gabriele’s temporary transfer to Paris, Marta tries to clear her mind also thanks to the help of her lifelong friends Federica (Gaja Masciale) and Jacopo (Jozef Gjura). While she is now more and more convinced to let herself go to the story with Gabriel, the jealous boy makes an unforgivable mistake, which will make them separate. When everything seems to go wrong, however, a phone call arrives from the hospital that changes everyone’s priorities: there is a compatible donor for Marta.

►Director: Claudio Norza

►Writers: Roberto Proia, Michela Straniero

►Stars: Ludovica Francesconi, Giancarlo Commare, Désirée Giorgetti, Jenny De Nucci, Gaja Masciale, Giorgio Lupano, Jozef Gjura

( Cast details on imdb )

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