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Silent Life (2022)

Releasing at May 7, 2022 on digital


The year is 1926. While on tour promoting his latest movie “Son Of The Sheik”, Rudolph Valentino, the Hollywood silent screen icon, suffers a sudden collapse and is hospitalized at the New York Polyclinic Hospital. After the emergency surgery, Valentino loses his grip of reality and sees visions of his past life in Hollywood in a perspective of a coma  – as a silent film screening at a movie palace, the magical portal between reality and illusion, between life and eternity…

Dubbed “The Great Lover” around the world, Valentino reigns the screen as a dashing and virile “Sheik” and drives his female audience in hysteria. Off screen, however, his private life is a complete failure – the Sheik cannot satisfy even his own domineering wife.

Snapping back to reality, Valentino finds himself abandoned, alone and stricken with illness. Pam, a deaf-mute nurse’s aid, who is caring after her movie idol at the hospital, will show “God of Love” for the first time in his life what love can truly mean.

Director: Vladislav Kozlov

Writers: Natalia Dar, Ksenia Jarova, Vladislav Kozlov

Stars: Isabella Rossellini, Terry Moore, Franco Nero, Monte Markham, Ellie Patrikios, Paul Rodriguez, Jack Osbourne


Sherilyn Fenn►Madame Alla Nazimova
Isabella Rossellini►Gabriella Guglielmi
Terry Moore►Lady in Black
Franco Nero►Rudolph Valentino’s Spirit
Monte Markham►Doctor Mecker
Paul Rodriguez►Alexander De Salm
Jack Osbourne►Dick Dorgan
Ellie Patrikios►Vera Fredova
Chad Doreck►Theodore Kozloff
Megan Easton►Valentino Fan #1
Paris Dylan►Hotel Clerk
Deborah Rombaut►Nurse
Ina-Alice Kopp►Nurse
Caileigh Scott►Socialite
Timothy L. Raynor►Mental Patient
Jeff DuJardin►Paul
Paul Maslansky►Adolph Zukor
Pasha Sol►Narration (voice)
Hayley O’Connor►Movie Girl
Suvi Honkanen►Winifred Hudnut (Young Natacha)
Yuri Brown►Detective Peck
Desi Ivanova►Movie goer
Vladislav Kozlov►Rudolph Valentino
Paul Louis Harrell►Norman Kerry
Jason Johnson►Stanley Levy
Michelle Angeline Farrell►Nurse (voice)
Donald Woznicki►Father Leonard
Tatjana Bluchel►Nurse
Derrick Redford►Bryce
John Davis Walker►Limo Driver
Eric Deskin►Dr. Eugene
Clayton Turnage►Maxwell Krager
Stuart Cramer►Sgt. Chad Lester
Stuart Todd Martin►Richard Hudnut
Celine Eckwright►Party Guest
Alixandra Kupcik►Helena Blavatsky
Dennis Garr►Officer stevens
George Pennacchio►TV reporter
Dalton Cyr►Rodolfo Guglielmi
Joseph Luckay►Police officer
Ksenia Jarova►Natasha Rambova
Michael Ark►Officer Richardson
Teri Bocko►Theater Vendor Girl
Prida Moreza►Charlie Chaplin Dream
Aaron Webster►Valentino’s Ambulance Driver
Dunham Stewart►Young Rodolfo
Clare Fog►Auditioner
Marjorie LeWit►Redhead
Pauline Kurks►Movie Girl
Kristina Plisko►Girl
Faye Kelly►Fan
Eugenia Platone►Pam Hodalsky
Nicole Manoo►Pam Hodalsky
Johanna Marshall►Head Nurse Gertrude
Hanna Halldorsdottir►Nurse
Robin Sargent►Auditioner
D.A. Goodman►Joseph Zuckerman, Studio Executive
Bethany Caitlan Nicole►Laura
Melissa Dlugatch►Valentino Fan #3
Jorie Stern►Fan Girl / Theatre Audience Memeber
Maggie Jaffee►Laura (woman with Young Rodolpho)
Mir Wave►Employee
Stephen Nelson►Kazimir
Marae Mustelier►Fan #2
Debra J. Michaels►Fan
Stavro Tigina►Gentleman
Jenevieve Olani►Audience member / nurse
Mariella Jacqueline►Mary
Gayle Kate►Theatre Guest
Emily Kinsey►Party Guest / Theater Goer
Daniela Mockels►Fan


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