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Silent Hill (2006)

Horror |.

Silent Hill is psychological horror film directed by Christophe Gans and written by Roger Avary, Gans, and Nicolas Boukhrief. The film is an adaptation of Konami’s 1999 video game Silent Hill. It stars Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Alice Krige, and Jodelle Ferland. The film follows Rose, who takes her adopted daughter, Sharon, to the town of Silent Hill, for which Sharon cries while sleepwalking. Arriving at Silent Hill, Rose is involved in a car accident and awakens to find Sharon missing; while searching for her daughter, she fights a local cult while uncovering Sharon’s connection to the town’s dark past.

Development of Silent Hill began in the early 2000s. After attempting to gain the film rights to Silent Hill for five years, Gans sent a video interview to them explaining his plans for adapting Silent Hill and how important the games are to him. Konami awarded him the film rights as a result. Gans and Avary began working on the script in 2004. Avary used Centralia, Pennsylvania as an inspiration for the town. Filming began in February 2005 with an estimated $50 million budget and was shot on sound sets and on location in Canada.

Rose Da Silva and her husband Christopher are deeply disturbed by their adopted daughter Sharon’s constant sleepwalking and nightmares about Silent Hill, a town in West Virginia that was abandoned 30 years ago due to a massive coal seam fire. Against Christopher’s wishes, Rose takes Sharon on a trip to Silent Hill to find answers. Her erratic behaviour concerns police officer, Cybil Bennett. Rose flees from Cybil, but when a girl steps out into the road, Rose crashes and blacks out. Waking up some time later, Rose finds herself in the foggy dimension of Silent Hill and realizes that Sharon is missing.

Director: Christophe Gans

Writer: Roger Avary

Stars: Radha Mitchell, Laurie Holden, Sean Bean, Deborah Kara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Alice Krige


Radha MitchellRose Da Silva
Sean BeanChristopher Da Silva
Laurie HoldenCybil Bennett
Deborah Kara UngerDahlia Gillespie
Kim CoatesOfficer Thomas Gucci
Tanya AllenAnna
Alice KrigeChristabella
Jodelle FerlandSharon / Alessa
Colleen WilliamsArchivist
Ron GabrielOld Mechanic
Eve CrawfordSister Margaret
Derek RitschelYoung Police Officer
Amanda HiebertGas Attendant
Nicky GuadagniDistressed Woman
Maxine DumontChristabella’s Aide
Chris BrittonAdam
Stephen R. HartElder
Simon RichardsElder
Ian WhiteElder
Elizabeth HarpurCongregation
Janet LandCongregation
Florence MacGregorCongregation
Lynn WoodmanCongregation
Hannah FlemingSchool Girl
Holly MakarchukSchool Girl
Tatiana HaasSchool Girl
Roberto CampanellaRed Pyramid / Janitor / Colin
Michael CotaArmless Man
Yvonne NgGrey Child
Lorry AyersScarred Older Alessa
Emily LinehamRed Nurse / Dark Nurse
Donna MilburnSlashing Dark Nurse
Nadia BarossoDark Nurse
Noelle BoggioDark Nurse
Victoria BolandDark Nurse
Rhoslynne BugayDark Nurse
Alicia BundyDark Nurse
Carrie EklundDark Nurse (as Carrie Clayton)
Rachel CrowtherDark Nurse
Zsuzsanna CsehDark Nurse (as Zsuzzana Cseh)
Judit KovacsDark Nurse
Stephanie LauderDark Nurse
Chantelle LeonardoDark Nurse
Onika NdukweDark Nurse (as Onika Nduke)
Kat OlsenDark Nurse
Melissa PantonDark Nurse
Sylwia PlutaDark Nurse
Lisa ShawDark Nurse
Tamara SmeatonDark Nurse
Nicole Ann St. HillDark Nurse (as Nicole-Ann St. Hill)
Samantha HayesSchool Girl (uncredited)
Victor SuttonUndead man (uncredited)

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