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Outlander (2008)

Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi |.

Outlander is a independent science fiction-action film starring Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, John Hurt, and Ron Perlman, and written and directed by Howard McCain. The plot is loosely based on the 9th-century epic poem Beowulf, adapted to a science-fiction backstory involving a spaceship crashing in Iron Age Norway. The film was a box-office failure, grossing US$7 million compared to a budget estimated at $47 million, though it has since become a minor cult classic.

A spacecraft crashes in a lake in Vendel-era Scandinavia (550-790). The only surviving occupant – a human – retrieves a distress beacon and a computer which explains that he is on Earth, a “seed” colony that his people have abandoned. The computer downloads the local Norse language and culture directly into his brain. The spaceman soon finds a freshly destroyed village, where he is captured by Wulfric, a warrior from another village.

Wulfric takes him to the fortified village of King Hrothgar, father of Freya, who he hopes will marry future king Wulfric. Hrothgar is concerned that Gunnar, chieftain of the destroyed village, will assume it was Wulfric’s doing, as Wulfric’s father (Hrothgar’s predecessor) had been killed by Gunnar. Wulfric interrogates the “outlander”, who identifies himself as Kainan, claiming he is from the north, and states that he is hunting a dragon.

Director: Howard McCain

Writers: Dirk Blackman, Howard McCain

Stars: Jim Caviezel, Sophia Myles, Ron Perlman, Jack Huston, John Hurt, Cliff Saunders, Aidan Devine


Jim CaviezelKainan
Sophia MylesFreya
Jack HustonWulfric
John HurtHrothgar
Cliff SaundersBoromir
Patrick StevensonUnferth
Aidan DevineEinar
Ron PerlmanGunnar
Bailey MaughanErick
John NellesDonal (as John E. Nelles)
James Preston RogersBjorn (as James Rogers)
Scott OwenAethril
Petra PrazakMara
Owen PattisonGalen, son of Kainen
Matt CookeCaptain
Katie BerginSonja
Todd GodinLars
Mauralea AustinJona
Matthew AmyotteArn
John BealeEdmund
Ted LudzikOlaf
James BinkleyLeader
Liam McNamaraFinn
Bryan RenfroGrey-haired Warrior (as Brian Renfro)
Jon K. LoverinSheepherder (as Jon Loverin)
Andrew AlbertDrunken Reveler #1
Brian HeightonTrader
Danny LimaSlave
Glenn WadmanWaling Man (as Glen Wadman)
Simon NorthwoodWarrior #1
Todd SchroederWarrior #2 (as Todd William Schroeder)
Martha IrvingWeeping Woman
Bart LovettStabbed Sentry (as Bartlett C. Lovett)
Tess McCainViking Girl
Brent MacRaeViking Warrior
DrakainaKitchen wench
Michael Ray FoxAlien Warrior
J. William GranthamDrunken Reveler
Allyson HaasVillager
Craig HarrisViking Warrior
Ricardo HoyosJon
Amy KerrBored Kitchen Wench
Mark A. OwenRaider
Todd SandomirskyShishkebob
Colette Stevenson(voice)
Steven WendlandViking Warrior

Sources: imdb & wikipedia

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