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Morning Glory (2010)

Comedy, Drama, Romance.

Morning Glory is romantic comedy-drama film directed by Roger Michell and written by Aline Brosh McKenna. Starring Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson and Jeff Goldblum, the film tells the story of an upstart television producer who accepts the challenge of reviving a morning show program with warring co-hosts.

Aspiring news producer Becky Fuller (McAdams) has dreamed since childhood of working for the Today show, but her dedication to her career is off-putting to potential suitors. She is laid off from her job at Good Morning New Jersey, and her mother advises her to give up her dream before it becomes an embarrassment. Becky perseveres, and receives a call from IBS News, which is seeking a producer for its struggling national morning show, DayBreakโ€ฆ

Director: Roger Michell

Writer: Aline Brosh McKenna

Stars: Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Patrick Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, Patti Dโ€™Arbanville, John Pankow


Rachel McAdamsโ†’Becky
Noah Beanโ†’First Date
Jack Davidsonโ†’Dog Walking Neighbor
Vanessa Aspillagaโ†’Anna
Jeff Hillerโ†’Sam – Channel 9 Producer
Linda Powellโ†’Louanne
Mike Hydeckโ†’Ralph
Joseph J. Vargasโ†’Channel 9 Director
Mario Friesonโ†’Channel 9 Technical Director
Kevin Herbstโ†’Channel 9 Associate Director
Jerome Weinsteinโ†’Fred
Steve Parkโ†’Channel 9 Weatherperson
David Fontenoโ†’Oscar
Patti D’Arbanvilleโ†’Becky’s Mom
Jeff Goldblumโ†’Jerry Barnes
Patrick Wilsonโ†’Adam Bennett
Harrison Fordโ†’Mike Pomeroy
Ty Burrellโ†’Paul McVee
Diane Keatonโ†’Colleen Peck
Adrian Martinezโ†’IBS Lobby Guard
John Pankowโ†’Lenny Bergman
J. Elaine Marcosโ†’Lisa Bartlett
Matt Malloyโ†’Ernie Appleby
Rizwan Manjiโ†’Daybreak Producer
Jay Russellโ†’Daybreak Producer
Finnerty Steevesโ†’Daybreak Producer
Rick Youngerโ†’Daybreak Producer
Arden Myrinโ†’Daybreak Producer
Caroline Clayโ†’Daybreak Producer
Katie Hydeโ†’Daybreak Producer (as Katharine Hyde)
Allen Warnockโ†’Daybreak Producer
Welker Whiteโ†’Daybreak Producer
Maddie Cormanโ†’Daybreak Producer
Jeremy Beilerโ†’Daybreak Producer
Jonathan Forteโ†’First Intern
Kevin Pariseauโ†’Horse Teeth Reporter
Christopher Sieberโ†’Groundhog Reporter (as Chris Sieber)
Elizabeth Keiferโ†’Jerry’s Wife (as Liz Keifer)
Lauren Cohnโ†’Crafts Expert
Jayne Houdyshellโ†’Stage Manager
Miguel A. Hernandez Jr.โ†’Editor
Alice Callahanโ†’Girl at Schiller’s
Miles O’Brienโ†’IBS Anchorperson
Elaine Kaufmanโ†’Self
Bob Schiefferโ†’Self
Morley Saferโ†’Self
Chris Matthewsโ†’Self
Don Roy Kingโ†’Merv – Daybreak Director
Robert Caminitiโ†’Daybreak Associate Director
Stefani Cohenโ†’Daybreak Timing Production Assistant
Gray Winslowโ†’Daybreak Technical Director
Kristine Nielsenโ†’Fan
Paul Urcioliโ†’IBS Evening News Producer
Rosalynd Darlingโ†’Daybreak Fan on Plaza
Gio Perezโ†’Second Intern
Pepper Binkleyโ†’Jerry’s Assistant
Steve McAuliffโ†’Animal Expert
Vincent J. Robinsonโ†’Bagpiper
50 Centโ†’50 Cent (as Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson)
Tony Yayoโ†’Self
DJ Whoo Kidโ†’Self
Lloyd Banksโ†’Self
Don Hewittโ†’Joe the Cameraperson (as Don Hewitt Sr.)
Reed Birneyโ†’Governor Willis
Carmen M. Herlihyโ†’Becky’s Assistant
Bruce Altmanโ†’Television Executive
Kathleen McNennyโ†’Television Executive
Jason Kravitsโ†’Television Executive
John Bundyโ†’Magician
Sherman Alpertโ†’Handyman
George Clooneyโ†’Self (archive footage)
Michael Cramerโ†’Knight
Michael Deanโ†’Office worker
Steve Ferrarieโ†’Fair Attendee
Andrew Goldfarbโ†’Passerby
Rosemary Howardโ†’Hotel Guest
Donna Sue Jahierโ†’Fan Of The Weather Man
Tony Kostโ†’Daybreak Crew
Lisa Landinoโ†’Daybreak crew
Paul Jude Leterskyโ†’Daybreak Crew
Eva Longoriaโ†’Self (archive footage)
Danielle McKeeโ†’Daybreak Competitor
Tim Millerโ†’Guy in Diner
Loukas Papasโ†’Bartender
Lorna Pruceโ†’Waitress
Condoleezza Riceโ†’Self (archive footage)
Michael E. Russoโ†’Short order cook
Pete Simpsonโ†’Blue Man Group
Tomasz Smolarskiโ†’Television crew
Rennel Turnerโ†’Security Guard

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